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My sugar ran 445-496 for 3 hours

My sugar ran 445-496 for 3 hours
My sugar ran 445-496 for 3 hrs. Took insulin and nesina and it's still 353


Lori Borders Bonnell
Did you eat something with a lot of fat? If i eat a lot of pizza it takes me more insulin than normal but in multiple bonuses to get back down

Bridgett Pidgeon
I didn't eat anything.only had my usual coffee.i cant stay awake either

Tammy Wolff
Bridgett not being able to stay awake is cause of the high sugars

Bridgett Pidgeon
Tammy Wolff I'm not even feeling myself fall asleep. I can just be sitting here and wake up 20 min later

Tammy Wolff
Bridgett yup I watch my hubby go thru it - the body is just exhausted when your sugars are high

Bridgett Pidgeon
Tammy Wolff I got it to 287 but it's back to 405. Iv taken insulin and nesina

Tammy Wolff
Bridgett I’m not sure what nesina is

Bridgett Pidgeon
Tammy Wolff it's a newer diabetic pill.brought it down within half hr but it's back not due for insulin again until 5 am

Tammy Wolff
Bridgett what do u mean not due for more insulin till 5 am ?? what insulin do you take ??

Bridgett Pidgeon
Tammy Wolff basgalar.long acting. 35 units every 12 hrs

Tammy Wolff Bridgett
your not on any meal time short acting insulin

Bridgett Pidgeon
Tammy Wolff insurance rejected it.but going to call my Dr when she returns from vacation to see if she can try doing a pa

Tammy Wolff Bridgett
if you don’t come down by tomorrow & stay down even tho the last thing I’d say is go to the ER but you might have to - with sugars that high they will put you on an iv of fluids & start you on a fast acting insulin - at that point the insurance might not be able to refuse it — you can’t stay that high for to long your body will start getting affected other ways too

Larry Roberts
You can purchase fast acting novalin from walmart with no prescription for 25 dollars.

Dawn Caryl Jacobson
Try going for a walk and drinking lots of water.

Sakthi Vel
Try palio diet.

Deborah Jean Smith
Are you eating something that high in sugar or stress on something .

Bridgett Pidgeon
Very stressed out

Udeh Obinna
I don't have epilepsy No more I seen off my medicine for 13 years, and switched to herbal remedies. August 22 2019 I will be seizure free for 30 years.
Let's go herbal!

Shell Witcher
Stress will cause your numbers to go up. Mine does. Drink water and try to destress if you can.

Esperanza Paraiso
Magbitang-Calumpiano Home.remedy dahon my ampalaya.ilaga nio po at inumin.ang pinaglagaan 3x a day.po.for.5days.po marshaling bumaba sugar level.nio at.ang.nilagang dahon nguyain nio po tiisin lang po ang pait ,ganon2 din po nalungay leaves ilaga din po.nguyain ang dahon tapos inumin pub at.lagaan naka.ka.baba.po ng blood.sugar

Karlson Sesbino
Just increase dosage of insulin...

Bridgett Pidgeon
Karlson Sesbino I take 35 units which is a lot.i dnt want to increase it with out talking to my Dr,who is on vacation

Loren Renee Karlson
Sesbino nobody is covering till then? Urgent care?

Michael Wald
You’re likely developing resistance to your synthetic insulin just as you have against your body is on insulin. This is known as insulin resistance. You should speak with your endocrinologist immediately to get this right.

Jennifer Parr It might be worth a trip to the ER if your blood sugar just keeps going up into the 400s. That’s way too high. You might also try actually eating something rather than just drinking coffee. Not eating is not healthy and will mess with your blood sugar as well. I don’t think you should really wait til your doctor is back from vacation. At these levels your situation can turn very dangerous very quickly.

Jennifer Parr At the absolute very least, I hope you have someone with you who can watch you and call emergency services if needed.

Bridgett Pidgeon Ty. My kids are home but all in their rooms. My one daughter stays up late and so does my son I'm going to have them wake be too make sure I respond every half hr

S.k. Luthra Dt eat excess food

Suheal Siddiqui Control carbs in diet..

Praimraj Boodram Whenever this happens in future,increase your insulin dosage by about 10 to 15 units.It works fine for me whenever my sugar spikes.

Loren Renee
Urgent care.

Jaime Santos Suva
Eat anykind of vegetables in your dinner..

Gene Tatz
its just a low carb diet.

Christine Carey
You need to have a plan set in place with your Dr for highs and lows. Facebook is not the place to be getting advice about such serious things.

Christine Carey
we have been trying since 2013 to control my numbers and it isn't working..this support group is suppose to be here for advice!!! Thanks!!

Bridgett Pidgeon
I'm well aware of my situation being serious!!

Christine Carey
Bridgett Pidgeon I wasn't trying to be negative Bridgett. It's very scary to be high or low. I just wouldn't want you to not get medical help because of bad Facebook advice. I've had trouble with my blood sugars for over 5 years now. Things can get bad fast. ❤

Bridgett Pidgeon
Christine Carey I understand that and appreciate that. Sadly I'm not able to go to the er whenever I should, because I take care of my grands. So posting on here is my way to try and get advice for urgency.

Christine Carey
Bridgett Pidgeon The Er is very expensive too. Do you have any fast acting insulin at home?

Bridgett Pidgeon
Had a mini stroke couple months ago caused by my blood pressure. By time i was able to get to the hospital I was already in hypertensive crisis stage 3. My Dr has been figuring my insurance for fast acting but they keep denying it

Christine Carey
Bridgett Pidgeon My insurance won't pay for mine either. They wanted me to pay 2,000$ for fast acting. My Dr had to fight for me to get a different type of regular insulin. They would only pay for one kin and it didn't work for me. I worry for you with your sugar being so high. I know my blood sugars really go up if I'm upset or under stress.

Christine Carey
Is someone home with you in case you need help?

Emi Hughes
First things first... try not to stress, only makes it worse. You can do this, I know it’s a long and trying process. Don’t give up.

Imran Uddin Khattak
30 minutes exercise daily drink ample of water and eat less food

Zadhee Sally
This is good advice. Follow it

Joyce Mohamed
Water drink lots of water 💦

Louis Snole
Better to drop the metformin for a while. Or else the kidney may be affected. And take good care of your eyes.

Akhlaq Khan
Which insulin u took and how much madam

Henrique Dias
Pls get the advice of your doctor instead of Facebook.There is safety

Evelyn Wooi Suan Guek
Very very high, dear Bridgett.
Pls get help asap.
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