This page was made for everyone with diabetes to get help with questions they feel are struggling to find answers to themselfs. Type one or type two you still have diabetes it dosent give anyone the right to be abusive towards anyone!

In Type 2, I've 3 problems so far. Leg, ED & stress

In Type 2, I've 3 problems so far. Leg, ED & stress

In Type 2, I've 3 problems so far. Leg, ED & stress. And now it is blinding me. God save us all.


Seng Hock
Let us save ourselves but let God heals

Leigh Catterall
And God makes these wonderful kind inflictions .
James lincoln
So you happy cause I am going blind?

Leigh Catterall
No not at all, but you praise God when he created these inflictions ( if he exists)

Sarina Brown Echols
Leigh Catterall, God did not create this or other diseases. Man created them by being disobedient. Our eating, distorting the environment, not Exercising, etc... And unfortunately, it gets passed down from generation to generation. God may allow things…Lihat Lainnya

Leigh Catterall
Sarina Brown Echols God created everything apparently. But the truth is he doesnt exist. End of.

Leigh Catterall
And if God does exist then hes a sadist watching us all suffer from his created diseases when at a snap of the finger he could cure all.

Betty Anhalt
Yes... cataracts or glaucoma... I’m cutting sugar, call sweeteners ..

Laura Smith
Be sure to take Lutein, vitamin for diabetics to help eye problems.

Laura Smith
Keep bs UNDER 140 at all times. At 140 and above, that’s when damages to blood vessels, eyes, all organs... occur. It’s never too late. Start taking bs after every meal. Weed out what raises bs.

Chrissy Marie
Laura Smith there’s a problem with doing that if you have more than one thing how are you going to know which one raised your sugar?

Laura Smith
Chrissy Marie Look at what you eat.
Then, pull up the foods to find carb, sugar content on each one.
Never buy the one that’s high in carbs or sugar again.
Take a picture of your meal, post them here... tag me or someone else in here you trust. We will help you. ❤️❤️❤️

Chrissy Marie
Laura Smith I had rice pudding for lunch today already know the nutritional facts of it.

Bennie Liverman
Chrissy Marie
T2’s Whole Foods Plant Base no Oils!
And I added for my Healing Health
NO Oils soy salt sugar soda alcohol caffeine bread meats dairy processed foods
28 drs later not one on our side so 18 years 5 shots 6 bs test 4 pills a day the dr said Going blind and b on a kidney Machine within4 months
We have to do it .
There’s no magic Yet it’s what we Eating!
God’s garden
Now today makes 1 year 4days NO Meds
Take Charge of your mind Life body
Real Healing Health

Laura Smith
Chrissy Marie Whatever your bs says after eating is what you have to watch. After eating rice pudding, wait an hour, take bs. If at 140 or above, you cannot have rice pudding anymore. That’s what we are talking about when we say weeding out what we can or cannot eat.

Chrissy Marie
Laura Smith I know what you mean what I was saying was if I ate something with that how would I know which one caused the spike

Laura Smith
Chrissy Marie By comparing it with the other items you ate. Example is... broccoli, skinless chicken thigh, pinto beans, (all of these keep bs low), then eat the rice pudding. If bs high... next meal, eliminate rice pudding, test bs... if under 140, you’re on the right track.
As deserts, I’m eating an Atkins bar (my current fav is the lemon bar). Or, sugar free jello pudding pack.
Also, read up on foods to help LOWER bs. Avacado a day will help keep bs down.

Scott Parrish
Cialias or viagra for the ED. That should help with the stress also. Keep your BS in check to help with the leg and eyesight.

Shuja Naveed
Viagra and calias has stopped working for me and increases my BP also allergy

James lincoln
But did they work at first?

Scott Parrish
James lincoln everyone reacts differently to these meds.

James lincoln
Scott Parrish unfortunately these medications don't work for me. i tried them a couple of times but don't work. my girl left me. things not turning out good for me this year.

Praimraj Boodram
Mos t leg problems are caused by poor circulation and nerve damage.People with poor self control and who worry for each and everything,bring stress upon themselves and your ED can be remedied by a visit to a GOOD urologist.There are lots of good meds that you can use to help that situation.

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