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I’m still trying to figure myself out with my diabetes

 I’m still trying to figure myself out with my diabetes
Please be kind to me but I’m still trying to figure myself out with my diabetes. I didn’t eat breakfast but got a sugar free coffee before going to a cleaning job. I did my work not feeling well and ready to puke at any time. I went home and barely got to the bathroom and basically started projectile vomiting. I’m thinking part of it is because of the “fake sweeteners.” Any one else been thru this kind of situation? Any tips is appreciated. I know I should of eaten something, that was probably part of my problem and dumb on my part!


Linda Shobe
You should be eating small amounts of healthy food every few hours to keep sugar at a good level. Hope you feel better

Juhree Raquel
Knowles First off,,, stop skipping breakfast!!! You need the breakfast!!

Ghuminder Malhans There's no reading. How your sugar levels ?

Charmaine de Jager
Stop useing sweateners to ! rather use brown sugar - Halve teaspoon ! If you are diabetic 2 !

Lisa Lopez
Always eat breakfast. Coffee and sweetener on empty stomach not good

Linda Eickhorst Hocutt
I go through this every day just can't grasp it yet I don't eat enough I'm there for you I understand what you're going through

Joy Miles
Do you know what your numbers were before drinking? You should have a healthy breakfast, but I myself forget that too. Are you on any medications? Are you T1 or T2?

Ruth Nelson
Joy Miles I’m type 2 and I take insulin and metformin.

Joy Miles
I know people have issues with metformin, but normally from the other end 💩

Judy Hardy Stevia.
Safe. Experiment for amount of drops. Liquid and powder.

Allison Brenenstall
Nope never had that problem. I’m not much of a breakfast eater. But I’ll do a protein bar and a piece of fruit in morning, so I can take my meds.

Breindy Gelbman
Try and eat a fruit or yogurt or protein bar before you work. Moving around/exercise causes sugars to drop. I also only drink a coffee with sweetener in the mornings. But I'm home so mid morning I'll have a fruit or salad.

Stephanie Pippy Abbou
when I have had projectile vomit its when my body couldnt handle what I ate..I was allergic to maybe the coffee was the cause.

Ruth Nelson
Stephanie Pippy Abbou I’m seriously thinking the problem is the aspartame sweetener!

Heather Happoldt
Ruth Nelson I use Splenda in my cereal in the morning and that is it. I am not coffee drinker because I don't like the taste of it.

Annemarie Al-taan Bonfield
Important to eat something small. I hate eating breakfast. Ideas- Grab a handful of walnuts or pecans. Small yoghurt, piece of fruit. Smoothie, protein drink, boiled egg?

Mandi Batten Wilson
My coffee was one thing I wasn’t going to give up. I tried the sugar free and hated it. However I’m pretty strict with everything else. I’m not a morning eater myself, starting work at 6 am. My coffee gets me to my first break at 8 with no issues and I’ll have my breakfast then. In 3 months my A1C went from 6.9 to 5.

Ruth Nelson
I’m also horrible with checking my sugars.

Dave Carter
That's one thing you're going to have to change, at least in the short term. Taking insulin and Metformin, you need to know what your blood sugars are running at, or you're in danger of a hypo (hypoglycemia), through taking too much.

Cindy Albers Wilson
Are you on diabetes meds? You need food with them or they will make you sick.

Ruth Nelson
Cindy Albers Wilson insulin and metformin.

Cindy Albers Wilson
Metformin could be the culprit

Julie Ann Waters
I can’t do artificial sweeteners they make me sick

Gini N Doog Nelson
You needed to eat

Gini N Doog Nelson
Ruth, make yourself eat some protein like egg whites and a piece of toast for energy especially on insulin
Monetta Gangaram
It might be cause you skip b/fast,I would be like that if I miss BF so no I have to get bf😃

Chrissy Marie
You need to check your sugar to see what your at you could been low and that’s why you got sick

Betty Anhalt
Are use whip cream in my coffee.

Seetar Krishnan
Do take a wheat biscuit or plain toast. It will help curb the vomiting. Or just tea without milk also helps. Drink lots of water. All will fine. Take care. Being through this before too. Dont trust this fake sweeteners. Rather no sugar at all.

Heather Happoldt
You need to eat a health breakfast in the morning. I normally eat whole grain cheerios with one cut up strawberry throw in. Then I also have a whole grain English muffin with sugar free jam and peanut better on it. Or sometimes I will also have scrambled eggs with cheese in them and a whole grain English muffin with it.

Michael Wald
After a night of fasting it’s good for the diabetic to have a higher protein meal in the morning.

QueenMizellen Tate
Could be Gas buildup from an empty stomach

Rachel Crawford
Yes eat, especially when your doing physical work. Artificial sweeteners are shit, train yourself to not need them. Good luck, it’s a tough journey but you will get there.

Sara Alexander
Could be wrong but I dont think its the coffee, it sounds to me like it could be a little virus or something. Drink water and relax, x

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