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I’m considered prediabetic, My labs the last 3 times have been 114

I’m considered prediabetic, My labs the last 3 times have been 114
Hi: I’m considered prediabetic. I’m trying to get ahead of this. My A1C was 6.1 a couple weeks ago. My labs the last 3 times have been 114.
Yesterday morning my glucose number was 133.

My diabetic counselor .... yesterday.....said I needed to eat a snack before bedtime. I did that last night and it was 147 this morning.
Do I have a problem?

***Two hours later it is 135 after eating a small amount with coffee


Georgia Birdsell Stone
What did you have for a snack? You need to balance carbs and protein.

Paula Roberts
Georgia Birdsell Stone Cottage cheese and small amount of yogurt.…Lihat Lainnya

Paula Roberts
Her suggestion for a snack is: crackers and cheese.... 6 crackers and an ounce of cheese. Told me this yesterday.

Jason Moore
Paula Roberts I would fire that counselor if she said food isn't the problem. Where else does energy in our body come from? It just doesn't appear out of thin air. Ridiculous.

Paula Roberts
Jason Moore She is saying: You can eat any food as long as you eat the protein, the fat, and the carb ...each time you have a meal or a snack.

Paula Roberts
This has confused me because this is not what my friends are saying or this group is saying.

Helen Moyle
For me I've found that a number of things helps keep my numbers down.
1. Enough water
2. Portion control
3. Keeping my carb intake down
4. Making sure I have enough green vegetables.
5. Eating fruit instead of dessert most of the time.
6. Being active.

Jason Moore Snacking at night is probably why blood glucose was up. T2 is a case of having excess energy in the circulation and specifically glucose. It also means that you're insulin resistant and that the cells are unable to store the excess energy which is why blood sugar is high.
So how on this green Earth would eating more food lower the blood glucose in the circulation when food raises it?
It would be like putting more water into a sinking ship instead of taking water out of it. It makes ZERO logical sense.

Paula Roberts
Jason Moore I’m new to all this. I’m pre diabetic so far. I’m just learning and getting really confused..... My glucose readings have been a little high in the morning while fasting. She then suggested eating a snack at bedtime.

Helen Moyle
I'm T2, and had to completely rewire my thinking when it comes to eating, activity, beverages, basically everything.
I usually keep nuts on hand for a quick snack.Raw is the best, but, I'll check the sodium level. Green vegetables for a snack is also wonderful.
I don't do fruit juice. Rarely ever. It will raise the numbers. I might put a bit into sparkling water. Flavored sparkling water is a good substitute for soda.

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