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I needed to get a diabetic dietician, because my meals aren’t diabetic friendly

I needed to get a diabetic dietician
I’m in this frugal grocery shopping group. This rude woman told me I needed to get a diabetic dietician, bcuz my meals aren’t diabetic friendly.Wrong.She probably isn’t a diabetic. If she is. I wonder what her A1C is. Bcuz mines been 5.5 for 16 months.Its been 21 months since dx. I must be doing something right.Even my fiancé, who has been a diabetic for over who yrs is doing better. I cook for him.So he’s not eating out like before.He has a new doctor, who is brilliant.We both are on new meds and adjusting to the change.She hurt my feelings.
Comment: Beth McCarthy Don’t let people bother you. Keep doing the right thing Jennifer Parr People suck and don’t know when to keep their opinions to themselves. I know encountering people like that can hurt, but don’t let her get to you. She doesn’t know your situation. Even if she is diabetic and feels your food choices are not diabetic friendly, we all react differently to different foods. Maybe what you choose to eat that you do ok with does not do well for her (if she’s diabetic). If she’s not diabetic, she may just not understand diabetes and only knows what has been preached for years and years. It’s certainly nothing personal against you. Like I said, some people just don’t know when to keep quiet. Marisa Dyer I'm sorry she hurt your feelings but it's good to know you knew the truth . Happy for you doing so good !

Marisa Dyer Please share any information that is making your health better . We all need good advice . Allison Brenenstall Marisa Dyer I just watch the carbs. I eat less than what is recommended, but we eat healthy. Our doctor said every now and then we can cheat a little. So once a month we get a treat. Moderation really helps me. Ruth Goldstein Tell her thanks but no thanks. I want to pinch her for you but it really won’t help. Do as you are, listen to your Dr and keep the faith Ruth Goldstein Sorry this person hurt your feelings. But don’t you just love folks who know better than you do about something they have no clue about? It’s frustrating but if you see the humor in this you will laugh. ((Hugs)) from a fellow diabetic. Liz Quint Seems there are rude people in almost every group. Not this one though. Carry on! Lori Lynn Lol she would probably be all over me then.... I eat pasta, and bread, and chocolate. All kids of things that most diabetics avoid without second thought. But i test frequently when i eat something new and my BS averages in the mid to lower 120s 2 hours after meals. Cathie Waters Powers Lori Lynn - what meds do you take? I’m on Met but can’t seem to get my a1c below 5.9 not matter how strict I am. Allison Brenenstall Lori Lynn We haven’t done the greatest, but both are A1C managed to stay good.My doctor told me mine was very well controlled.I test frequently. Exercise..drink water. Make sure that I’m giving my body what it needs.

Allison Brenenstall Cathie Waters Powers They started me on insulin at dx. I only saw my primary. But we moved States and my new PCP sent me to a Endo doctor, who thought it strange I wasn’t started on pill for first. I’m now on met too. Extended release and I’m doing ok on it. Lori Lynn Cathie Waters Powers, metformin 500mg 2x a day. Lori Lynn Allison Brenenstall, cathy Cathie Waters Powers, i made a couple of big changes that helped me alot. I used to drink Dr Pepper 24/7. That stopped instantly. I drink water. Maybe a glass of diet pepsi once a month. White sugar, stopped instantly. I eat maybe 1/2 of a baked potato maybe once every couple of months. The bread i eat is Pepperidge Farm Very Thin bread, it's like 7 carbs per slice. I snack on a handful of peanuts 3x a day. We eat chicken at least 3x a week. There's more but those we're the biggest changes for me. Nicholas Orsini Lori Lynn even though your BS is low that doesn’t mean you’re doing well. It’s probably because of your meds not your food choices. Sugar and carbs cause insulin resistance and the carbs make the cholesterol stick to your artery walls. Your playing games with your health. The ADA now recommends 20-35 grams of carbs per day for diabetics proving the keto diet is the healthiest for diabetics Kathleen Terry Some you don’t pay attention to. Lots of nice people around! Verree Doiron Sorry she hurt your feelings. Some people expect perfection and give rude advice when they think you don’t fit their guidelines of perfection. I hope you told her to sit on it

Loren Renee What made her think your meals are not diabetic friendly? Allison Brenenstall Loren Renee I bought the bread deal at a grocery store and used my grocery store card and was surprised when my total dropped over 40 dollars. We eat sandwiches. I froze the extra loaves. Loren Renee Allison Brenenstall soooo she thinks your whole family needs to abstain? Ugh, don’t let these turkeys get you down. Allison Brenenstall We eat healthy. I made stir fry last night with brown rice. My fiancé loves my cooking and his numbers are fine with it. So are mine. Robert Sharp Probably her ignorance! Loren Renee Allison Brenenstall different people respond differently. If I ate bread and rice I’d be feeling awful, but I think everyone needs to know what works for them. I buy rice and pasta though because I’ve kids who can handle a more varied diet. My teenage son burns vast qualities and him going low carb wouldn’t work.

Michael Wald 5.5 is good on the surface but be careful. Remember, that hemoglobin A-1 C is an average of your blood glucose level between three and four months. You could have a high blood sugar many of those weeks and low blood sugar many of those weeks giving you a false indication of hemoglobin A-1 C. I’ve seen this many times of I 30 years as a doctor of nutrition Janet Keller Allen Is it possible that you are not on a good diet for diabetics and she is just trying to help? I read in another comment that you take insulin to control blood sugar so it's possible the diet could be better to help reduce meds. Not judging, just commenting.

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