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I have autonomic neuropathy in most of my organs

I have autonomic neuropathy in most of my organs

I'm new here and I'm struggling with sticking with an eating plan. I just don't want to do it but I know I need too. I've messed up three days in a row because I get so hungry in the middle of the night, that I'll end up eating a big bowl of cereal. I also am craving sweets so much that I'll eat something sweet. I know I have to do this new eating plan, because I have autonomic neuropathy in most of my organs, and stage three neuropathy in both feet. I'm 61 years old and I want to live a very long life. Did anyone else have difficulties getting started on their eating plan? And if you did, how did you work through it?


Tara Slusher Huskisson
I’m right there with ya! I’ve started keeping strong cheese and hard boiled eggs front and center in my fridge for my late night hunger moments. It’s not my favorite but it gets the job done and keeps the sugars where they should be. The longer you do it the easier it gets

Betsy Mc Donald
I eat salads...and add chicken,steak etc with some cheese and good stuff.... .No bread. Numbers are good and drink Crystal Light....down to a size 8. They call me skinny now 😂. Feeling good and heathy. In time you won’t want sweets....stick to your plan. I think about sweets but push them away. Not as hard as you think....give it some time. You can do it!!!

Cathy L. Cross
I 've been drinking water and diet pepsi, plus I'm a vegetarian. How did you stay away from sweets?

Carol Boettcher
Hi there I know it's hard you will get use to it. Make sure you drink your water and cut wheat out completely for a while it will help.

Mary Markowski
When I started I would wake in the middle of the night and couldn't fall asleep. Being diabetic I immediately, after an hour, thought to check my sugars. I frequently was in the 30s and 40s. Being a nurse I knew I needed a short time and long time fix.…Lihat Lainnya

Cathy L. Cross
Mary Markowski I like peanut butter on crackers! That's something I can try! Thank you!

Mary Markowski
Cathy L. Cross I like to share my tips. You are very welcome.

Mary Markowski
Btw, I keep no sweets in the house

Mike Hill
My. Go to. Midnite - 6 am. Celery peanut butter Adkins. Shake

Cathy Brasten
What eating plan is this? When I’m craving something sweet and I can’t eat I have a flavored tea. They have sooo many in dessert like flavors. If I can have some food I do a protein shake. A nice protein snack sometimes does the trick

David Simpson-Mendenhall
I'm still struggling myself 4yrs type2 - my word is just focus on the next meal - decide to go right - do not beat yourself up over what you ate yesterday or last week - it creates stress that affects our blood glucose - focus on the next meal and be gentle with yourself

Cathy L. Cross D
avid Simpson-Mendenhall thank you. It's very stressful. I also decided to stop eating meat this week too.

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