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HBa1c of 7,am i diabetic or No? du i need to start medication?

HBa1c of 7,am i diabetic or No?du i need to start medication?

HBa1c of 7,am i diabetic or No?du i need to start medication?


Szehwa Lim Izzit
after fasting ??

Dave Carter
HbA1c is different. It's a three month average of blood sugar taken by the doctor, not finger prick tests.

Tara Keenan
If you are concerned you should see a Doctor

Silke Genaille
Yes it's considered diabetic. You'd need to Go on metformin and Change your diet and get active.

Dave Carter
Almost certainly. Whether you need meds to treat it or will be able to manage it with diet alone is between you and your doctor/endo.

Dave Carter
Just a thought, is this an A1c result or a finger prick result? The answers are different.

Bakang Maphosa
Dave Carter..for 3months sugar

Pocholo Chiz
consult first a diabetologist..

Surendra Kumar Sahu
Yes,u have to be able medication if hbA1c more than 6.5

Shah Aziz
See a doctor.You dont need any medication right at the moment but with a strict diet. Test your sugar next morning F and ABF.

Mark Jay
Fine 7.0 is diabetic. You may be able to bring it down with just diet and exercise. See your doctor. I was diagnosed with an a1c of 6.7 in December, 2017. I was able to bring my a1c down to the normal range with just diet and exercise, no medicine. My last a1c was 4.5. Good luck.

Gavin Morrison
I would ask a doctor

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