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Metformin may result in a B12 deficiency

Metformin may result in a B12 deficiency

So I'm on Metformin & I found some interesting information about it.

Metformin may result in a B12 deficiency, a complication which is known as "pernicious anemia" and can lead to permanent neurological damage. B12 deficiency is also linked with an increased risk of strokes. Early symptoms of B12 deficiency may include anemia, ringing in the ears, and depression. For those using metformin, it is important to have your B12 levels monitored so a lack of the vitamin can be addressed before a deficiency occurs.


April Clendenning
I was on metformin for a while then went off then I was having problems fainting .ringing ears sweating like crazy my doctor at first thought it was high sugars but that wasn't it . It was linked to low very low b12 now I got shots

Tay Faith Robinson
Is you back on the metformin

Randy Baker
My doctor told me to take a Vitamin B12 supplement

Lisa Scott
Metformin interferes with the body's ability to absorb B12

Ghuminder Malhans
So how you take B12 ? i take with metformin .thanks

Mark LeBlanc
Two important things to know, who paid for the study and the source of the study.

David Cates
I have been off it now for two months, this was because it was affecting my kidneys,
I had initial problems I , e high BS levels , but now I don’t have all the other mentioned problems , and my bs is returning to safe levels .

Rosalie Caruana
i have been on metformin for the last 12 years and i had no trouble For me i feel it helps me when i go to the loo (stools) thus elimating carbohydrates i suppose

Diann Atkin
Sadly I was diagnosed with B12 aenemia from Metformin

Jo Billings
I don't know of any endocrinologist that prescribes metformin without vitamin B. They go hand in hand.

Allena Johnson
I take B12 vitamins with a few others

Joyce Gerren
I take B-12 injections monthly for life. After gastrointestinal surgery I'm unable to absorb that particular pill form. I was passing the whole pill.

Julie Bookmiller Seier
Holy cow!! I do take B12 but not consistently .... some times my ears ring worse than other days... this might be why!! I will certainly pay close attention now! Thanks!!

Abbas Malik
Took B12 one tablet and next day there were rashes on my hands.
However, I take B complex few times a week and it does not cause rashes. My ear ring after every meal.

Deva Raveendran
You shouldn't take vitamins with regular ymedication. At least 2 hours gap after or before medication with or after food.

Korinda Marie I take B12 daily because of a few of these symptoms

Belinda Thompson
Thanks so much for the info...truly appreciated because I never new this. Thats why its good to do your own research on your meds.

Linda K. Parks
Belinda Thompson
You're welcome and you're absolutely right, I checked up on all the medications I have to take.

Sharon Russell
Wondering if that’s the cause of the ringing in my ears! Need to check on this! Thank you for your post!

Suzanne Dexter Mc
Where did you find this information about metfirmin

Starr Angel
this is true it all over if u take metformin u will get a b12 deff so be careful and watch out it ruins your kidneys

Frank Rizzo
I give myself a B-12 Shot once a month now for years now, and they have been fine ever since.

Mandy Mtshazi
Frank Rizzo where do you get B-12

Frank Rizzo
I get a prescription from my Dr, a three month supply is under $3 , less than $1 a month, if you have to pay

Linda K. Parks
I haven't taken a multiple vitamin in years, apparently I need to. It would have been nice if my doctor would have told me. And I will be bringing this up the next time I see her.

Terri Cook
I take 1 good multivitamin and I take I b complexto raise them to compensate and it helps... Numbers were great last months annual draw

Alim Ali
It is important that oral B12 vitamin supplements can't be absorbed by intestine appropriately because of metformin's usage. So you should take intravenous form of B12 to require the optimum level on the blood.

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