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If you get your sugars under control does it ever get better?

If you get your sugars under control does it ever get better?

Question about neuropathy..if you get your sugars under control does it ever get better? will it at least stop if you get healthy?


JoJo Price
My blood sugar was 500-600 and neuropathy was horrible! Now that I am well controlled its almost non-existent! Does get better with control..

Raul Martinez
Yes, mine completely went away once I got my numbers right

Lisa Chavers Ambrosio
I still have that “spongy numbness” feeling on the bottom of my feet but rarely any pain. Unless I have a soda... then look out.

Laura Smith
Lisa Chavers Ambrosio try wearing the memory foam house shoes or flip flops at wal mart. If I don’t wear them, my feet, soles of feet... are like horrifyingly painful. Memory foam in house, never go barefoot. Just going to restroom, slip a pair on. It’s that bad. Be nice to find memory foam shoes! Lol.

Robin Guest
This is good news, I’m in a neuropathy page & most swear it doesn’t hearing this is optimistic.

Laura Smith
Yes. I keep bs under 140 at all times. About six months now. No fast foods, no going out to,eat. Since then, those horrifying sharp pains have stopped.
140 and above is when damage to blood vessels and ALL organs occur.
Food is our enemy. Can’t eat like rest of world. What’s at fast food isn’t food, what’s at restaurants and especially buffets... sure isn’t food. It’s full of taste enhancers that trigger impulses in brain to like that food.
All about money.
God food, just like our ancestors ate. Stay out of middle aisles at grocery store. No processed foods.

Austin Michael
It can be different from person to person. In most cases people get their numbers under control before damage actually sets in. If the real damage does set in then getting your numbers will still help a lot but there is very little you can do to restore the damage past that point.

Jen Wasylkowski
Mine also went away within a couple of months. I was able to kick off all the medications, my hair is growing back and the dark skin is leaving. Happy camper! Get those sugars in check.

Lorenz C. Leopold
Yes, get your sugar under control and your neuropathy will most likely disappear. My body tells me almost immediately when l eat something wrong!!!

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