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I was woken up with off the chart scale pressure and pain in a tooth and pressure in my head

 I was woken up with off the chart scale pressure and pain in a tooth and pressure in my head

Looking for unprofessional medical advice. Last night I was woken up with off the chart scale pressure and pain in a tooth and pressure in my head. This event has been going on for the past five days now. The pain in my tooth will come and go during the day, but will surface more when I'm completely asleep. I thought it was just a bad tooth, but now I realize it was my blood pressure (BP) spiking in my sleep.
When the pressure started at 5:00 AM, this morning, I took my (BP) and it was 158/100, and normally when I'm at rest my (BP) is 98/79.
I did go in as a emergency doctors appointment today. The doctor won't change my (BP) medication, since my (BP) has been in a good range for over a year. I started taking baby aspirin today, in hopes it will help. Has anyone out there experienced this ailment during their sleep and what are your thoughts? I am also prediabetic with an A1C of 5.8.


Janet Keller Allen
What did the doctor say was causing the pain in the tooth and pressure in the head?

Sinus infection? Trigeminal nerve pain? Tooth infection or abscess?

Barbara San Miguel
Janet Keller Allen can you give any more info on the second one t nerve

Barbara San Miguel
After over 5 dentists plus dental school teachers I found a dentist who listened. Had bad bottom and top molars. Think I had mini stroke due to it. She sent me endodontist but only the top guy. Had to have dentist call and insist on him only. He redid root canal. Even with shots for pain cried during procedure. He was so good.

Barbara San Miguel
Also had one time seemed my teeth and jaw moved. Another think it was mini stroke. I was constantly at dentist and had 2 insurances and also paid out of pocket...almost bankruptcy. A friend told me she had problems walking and standing from infection with bone grafting with root canal or pulling of tooth. Her doctor told her. Crazy and dangerous stuff happening it seems not just me

Robin Guest
Rule out the following: tooth infection, grinding/clenching teeth,,tooth /jaw pain is sign of stroke?

Janet Keller Allen
Barbara, I have been learning that bacteria trapped during root canals can cause a lot of health issues. And ozone therapy during a root canal is the most effective method for full destruction of bacteria. In fact, some dentists recommend not doing root canal and instead doing an implant or leave the tooth missing.

Juan Clay
Didn't say on any of the symptoms.

Ariel Rose
Well pain will raise your BP, maybe try a dentist?

Carol Ulen
Could you be grinding your teeth? I used to do that back when I had teeth it was from stress. Being newly diabetic could be setting your anxiety off. You can try taking some melatonin or something that helps ease stress.

Juan Clay
Not sure if I'm grinding my teeth

Carol Ulen
My apologies. My brain misread the part about how long you've been under control.

Jennifer Parr
Your best bet right now would be to see a dentist to make sure it’s the tooth or not. An infected tooth can cause some funky stuff to happen like that, even when you think it can’t possibly be from a tooth.

Verree Doiron
I would definitely go get the tooth fixed because pain can cause your blood pressure to rise.

Laurie Forman
Typically pain from a tooth increases when lying down based on the pressure on the nerve. Sit up or at a recline to see if it improves.

Juan Clay
I slept in the recliner and it helped.

Sara Fredrickson
Normal BP is 120/80 a bit high. But I can honestly say this is something I never heard of before that it spike when one sleeps. May want to consult your PCP

Susan Cramer Bass
I would say it’s your tooth. I just went through this. I had a toothache I ignored until I couldn’t anymore. It became abscessed. I spent a week sleeping in the recliner because laying down I felt like my head was going to explode. It’s the pressure from the tooth putting pressure on your sinus, etc. it was horrible

Juan Clay
Sounds relatable to my situation. I'll make a dentist appointment.

Laura Smith
For pain relief on tooth, can use tiny drop of frankincense essential oil on piece of paper towel, put directly on tooth. This will remove poison thru night, relieve pain until you can get to dentist. Throw away piece of paper towel, start overwhever you feel pain. But NEVER EVER put more than a drop. If that stuff get above your tongue so you can taste it... omg, it makes me gag.
I have a friend that puts one drop in her coffee every morning.
When my husband was getting rid of cancer, he’d put a tiny bit under tongue.
It’s a miracle drug.
You definitely need dentist though... ❤️

Emma Nishigaki
Metronidazole... it’ll kill those little bugs in your root.

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