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I have fatty liver disease, A Mediterranean diet they said anyone hear of that

 I have fatty liver disease, A Mediterranean diet they said anyone hear of that

Just got my results back from my ultrasound. I have fatty liver disease. Need to eat more fish chicken This is gonna be hard. A Mediterranean diet they said anyone hear of that.


Linda Eickhorst Hocutt
Have. Same. This g. For. Many yrs

Stacey Kent
Do you mind me asking what the symptoms are?

Lacey Woody
My doctor told me my liver is enlarged and covered in fatty tissue but my liver enzymes? are normal so I guess I don't have fatty liver disease. She suggested dieting and see if it helps. Good luck to you!!

Mark LeBlanc
I have fatty stomach disorder.

Pamela Collins Ivey
Mark LeBlanc me too 😜

Cathie Waters Powers
Mark LeBlanc - 🥴

Diana Kassis Rizqallah
Yes eat humos taboleh for salad don’t use salad dressing use fresh lemon & olive oil when you cook use olive oil no butter lots of veg👍

Rosalie Caruana
I too have fatty liver

Gini N Doog Nelson
Eat beets - regenerates liver. Buy book, Skinny Liver

Gini N Doog Nelson
Symptoms are elevated liver enzymes

Patti Uhl
You can buy the Medeterrainin cook book at SPROUTS MARKET. No it won't, same thing happened to me. I ate lots and lots of fresh salads, the Dietician said, is the best. My Digestive Doctor is pleased in 4 months the high numberS are coming down. With chicken I remove the skin.

Patti Uhl
It is the best and sool delicious !!! I love the grape leaves rolled with a little lamb meat and rice, feta cheeze, garlic fresh, lots of lemons....

Betty Anhalt
Yes... lol I Eating seafood for years,. My favorite

Patti Uhl
Betty Anhalt yum.

Betty Anhalt
I lived on Shoreline near fishing party boat marina. Buy my fish off the boats

De La Toba Pancho
Thanks I can relate as well ,

De La Toba Pancho Christina Avila

Rosemary Rickard
Yes, I should eat more fish and veggies.

Nina Holbert

Julie Bookmiller
Seier Yes all the time.

Mustafa Behan
Cheryl Lynne Ayers-Boyer , depending on this stage, if can reversed through lifestyle changes. Find some information here:

Mustafa Behan
All the best to you, Cheryl Lynne Ayers-Boyer

Chris Moss
yes but i believe the med diediet approves of eating pasta and i won't eat pasta or fruit

Rosemary Rickard
1/2 cup of cooked pasta whole wheat doesn't raise my bs

Chris Moss
Rosemary Rickard That's good, whole wheats so nasty tome i'd rather never eat pasta again than eat it lol

Rosemary Rickard
I hear ya. 1/2 cup regular pasta doesn't raise mine up either.

Chris Moss Rosemary Rickard Lucky. I have never tried, we were just told automatically no pasta, and I have felt better about myself not having it.

Dave Carter

Margie Alvarez
I was diagnosed too on 1/8/19 started dieting more veggies fruit AND NO RED MEAT OR NO ALCOHOL
So far i lost 10pds. I need 90 more to go......good luck

Christine Gentile Doran
My husband completely reversed fatty liver when we went Vegan

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