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I have diabetes type2 and i wish to seek your advise about biatric

I have diabetes type2 and i wish to seek your advise about biatric

hi guys, i am new to this group. I have diabetes type2 since june2018 and i wish to seek your advise about biatric surgery which i intend to undergo in April2019. please advise if this is effective in managing diabetes. Please voice your opinions and knowledge. Thank you in advance.


Monica Acosta-Flores
Good question I’m thinking about asking my doctor about it I am 370 lbs 29 years old on my research it does not reverse diabetes but help you get blood sugar on normal levels and with good management you can come off medicine for long time

Heather Rice
Heather Rice Personally with all due respect I wouldn’t do it. It’s all about lifestyle changes.

Terri Mitchell
I have uncontrolled blood sugars and my daughter has helped me more than any doctor so far. My morning readings have always been over 200. So she sat me down and told me a person should not have over 25 grams of sugar per day. She said Mom think of it like this, I'm going to give you 25 pennies and every time you have a gram of sugar you owe me one penny. So I have been doing this for 3 days. The first morning after starting this my morning BS was 189. The second day my morning BS was 186. This morning my BS was 177!!! I am gaining control by eating lean meats and fresh or frozen vegetables. Nothing processed. I have dropped 2 lbs. in 3 days. I fully believe our diet is the answer. I know people who have had the surgery. One gained all her weight back and then some. One has health issues now because you can only eat so little her body is suffering from having the proper nutrients. Good luck with making your decision, I know it is hard deciding what to do.

Heather Rice
Terri OMG I love this idea!

Terri Mitchell
Heather Rice I kknow, really!!!! It's like something I can really get my head around :D

Terri Mitchell
Heather Rice I'm sitting here with a new prescription for Victoza. I haven't used it yet because it scares the crap out of me to take something that clearly states it could cause thyroid cancer. I already have a thyroid issue. So this is when my daughter and I sat down and really discussed the issue and she said lets try this first. So that is what I am doing.

Heather Rice
Heather Rice With T2 it’s all about lifestyle 👍

Steve Thomas
Not all. There are some who eat everything and never exercise and never get diabetes, and others who only have to look at food to send their BS up

Dave Carter
It's slightly misleading to say it's all about sugar. Cutting sugar out will have an impact, but carbs are key (and they include sugar). Cutting down your carb intake will usually see a fall in blood sugars

Terri Mitchell
Dave Carter Yes you are so right. I left out that I am following low carb. :)

Brook Eagle
Depending on your situation... weight loss works. But if you have a food won't be a permanent solution.

Laura Smith
My dr wanted me to do it. I went to the class they make you take before the surgery............ omg. Halfway through it, I knew no matter what I would never do it. He gave the statistics of gaining weight back, for deaths of people not being able to …Lihat Lainnya
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Wanda D Napier
Even though ur doctors probably will never say. I know a doctor n nurse say that type of surgery some kind of way my lead to Leukemia. High percentage rate I heard idk

Warren Kolber
The key is not the survey. First, consider what’s important to you and put your happiness at the top of the list. Second, understand that people who are successful with this survey change their lifestyle first, then have the surgery. If you don’t make and sustain lifestyle changes first the odds of long-term success are much lower. Best of luck. Let me know if you need additional information or resources.

Victoria Williams
I've been to an informational meeting at Hopkins about this. Given the % of people who gain the weight back and given the seriousness of the surgery, thus far I'm against it. I have close friends who gained all the weight back. Al Roker started gaining it back and is now on the Keto diet which makes no sense if you know about the side effects of eating fat. The big one is I will still crave bad foods, it doesn't fix that. That's why so many fail.

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