This page was made for everyone with diabetes to get help with questions they feel are struggling to find answers to themselfs. Type one or type two you still have diabetes it dosent give anyone the right to be abusive towards anyone!

I bet you wont have read a Diabetic post like this before!

I bet you wont have read a Diabetic post like this before!

I bet you wont have read a Diabetic post like this before!

12 years ago at 19, I was told I got Type 1, and put me on insulin immediately.

A few days ago, my new Diabetic doctor (specialist at hospital) told me that they never actually did a gad blood test to confirm that I had type 1
(gad test checks for the antibodies in the blood stream that destroy the pancreas cells)

So, I had my first gad test a few weeks back, which revealed that I DO NOT have these anti bodies.

With that information, plus my very very high insulin dose, he's concluded that I may have in fact had T2 all along; making me and early T2, rather than the late T1 they originally determined.

I remember asking them how they knew I was T1, and she said it was due to my young age, and the very high first bg level (27.5), my first hba1c was 14.7%.

So, I need to hear peoples thoughts.
Is this the reason why for the last 12 years I have suffered with really bad sugar levels, gaining loads of weight despite ok-ish diet. ZERO energy to get up and go out...
I quit my job because I couldn't get out of bed...
Major depression/anxiety...

I feel sick and angry that laziness, and assumptions could mean I have been on the wrong medication for 12 years.
More importantly, if I was T2 all along, injecting additional insulin will no doubt contribute to the symptoms of T2, ie. High Insulin Resistance.

I've now been told to take Metformin on a regular basis, and reduce my insulin accordingly with my sugar levels.

I've never been so stressed about my health, and angry at myself for being stupid enough to trust the so called professionals. This could have been prevented if only they had done the gads test when I was originally sent to hospital by my doctor.
I would have had the right meds.... I would have been able to adjust my lifestyle correctly to ensure I'm looking after my body correctly...
And as sad as it may sound, but my life has gone to hell since I developed my depression, mostly surrounding my weight issues....
I've lost my best years to this illness, and I will never be able to get them back.

Rant over, can anyone help me.


Elle Smith
I’d be suing the Drs! But also pursuing the healthiest lifestyle possible. I’ve no idea what that amount of insulin will have done to your body and mind when not needed!

Damian Grey
I've thought about it...
Unfortunately, complaint letters go unanswered, but if money has to be paid out, that's when someone important will start making changes.
I guess that's just how the system is geared up to be...
Any recommendations for who to talk to ?

Elle Smith
Damian Grey not really but I’d speak to CAB and most solicitors/personal claims solicitors will give 30 mins free consult

Janet Keller Allen
I can't even imagine the anger and frustration you must be feeling. My first thought is to get this new T2 diagnosis confirmed by another doctor so you know that it isn't an error also. I agree that much of your health struggles are likely related to insulin resistance. But the same could have happened to a T1 because they can become insulin resistant also. I always recommend Dr. Berg's YouTube channel for learning about insulin resistance and the roles of the liver and pancreas in diabetes, and how to resolve insulin resistance in a healthy way. Speaking of the liver, have your liver enzymes checked to be sure your liver is healthy.

Damian Grey Hey thanks. This new doctor has given me another blood test just after my meeting with him, and I believe I saw that he is checking my liver function. So I've given those bloods the same day, and now just waiting to hear the results.

Janet Keller Allen
Also, as someone knocking the door to 50 yrs old, I assure you that your best years are now and yet to come. Your 30s are the best and you still have plenty of time to regain your health. Get a blood test to check for any nutritional deficiencies which could contribute to the depression such as vitamin D, B12, iron, and check the thyroid.

Damian Grey
I was told before my thyroid, was low, and testosterone, and folate acid....

Damian Grey
I believe the blood test mentioned in my other reply to you includes a b12 test... and fuull blood count

Ryan Cupp
Some type 2 people only use insulin. It’s natural. It’s what your body makes. It rarely makes you gain weight or feel bad. If it does there are several types you could have tried to see what works best for you. I’m type 2 and only use insulin.

Gerry Longo
it depends if you are insulin resistant or not. Insulin resistant produce insulin regularly but the body is not using it correctly, so in this case adding more insulin is not helping so much

Ryan Cupp
Gerry Longo all type 2 is insulin resistant. And adding more insulin does help.

Linda Gittins Cole
I have gained 45 pounds on Lantus, I don't eat as much as others, it is so maddening.

Tammy Wolff
Insulin makes you gain weight the more you take the more you gain & the harder it is to loose weight as your still on high doses of insulin 😞

Damian Grey
my thoughts exactly...

Rylan Gehm
It doesn't necessarily mean your type 2. Type 1 can be insulin resistant and if you've been taking insulin then when they test your insulin levels they're gonna find high level. And type 1 doesnt always have the antibodies. I've been through every conceivable test to see if I'm type 1 or 2 and guess what. I have no antibodies but I'm type 1

Casper Gorniok
Damian Grey - I beg you. Take emotion out of the equation - very hard though this may be. The reality is, you need help & solutions for now & the future. I'd say get more testing done.

Damian Grey
Agreed, but I dont know what to ask for.
I'm trying to imagine myself in my gp's office, what do I tell him.. I need checking...
But, the gads test was neg already

Casper Gorniok A
s this is very serious mis-diagnosis, I would demand to go right back to the beginning and re-start ALL tests. In case any are out-of-date. It is only with data that then a 2nd doctor take a look, and maybe even a 3rd. May also be worth contacting Diabetes UK and asking their opinion too???c

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