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How to control high fasting blood sugar level?

How to control high fasting blood sugar level?

How to control high fasting blood sugar level?


Priyaranjan Behera
Morning work 50 minutes and evening walk 30 minutes with proper diet and medication

Mulisetti Ramesh
Priyaranjan Behera yes correct I am always follow early morning 50 minuteswalk and evening walk continue and good results

Gurusamy Saravanan Take paleo diet

Adrusta Kumar Godatha
1. Need to be examined by a medical practitioner MD Specialized in Diabatolgy.
2 According to his medical prescription start medication

Chandrashekhar Lele
What is Paleo Diet?

Jagdish Shewale
Please see Dr. Jagannath Dixit suggestions on YouTube
Very good results 👍

Raj Shekhar
take ur dinear in evening by 7 o clock and do normal work

Prasad Madiraju
Early dinner before 7 pm, got a good result

Mohan Subramanian
Early and reduced intake of dinner. Try 20 minutes walking after dinner. Take millets like ragi, jowar etc., ok n the form of dosa and roti with dhal and veggies. Less corbs and more protein.

Anilkumar NK
Dont forget to drink plenty of water. Body can expel excess glucose through urine. Walk at least 6km in the morning. Cover this distance in 30 minutes. More sweat, less glucose in the body. Metformin with Glemipride will help.

Shoukathaly Pulikkal
Body can expel sugar through urine.?

Anilkumar NK
Why not? that is why you pee too much when sugar is high.

Shishir Kamat
Follow 16/8 diet for 8hrs and totally fast for 16 hrs..fantastic results!!

Santosh Shenoy
Shishir Kamat Is it suitable for a diabetic person. As I believe, a diabetic has lost the capacity to store glucose ( glycogen) and as such he will go in to hypoglycemia if he does not feed every four hours.

Santosh Shenoy
The best way to control fasting sugar is to have low carb dinner. Have salads , fruits like orange,amrut,papaya and few almonds and lots of vegetables . No need to eat chapaties or rice.

Ashok Chauhan
Remove or avoid Rice and wheat % from your foods, will certainly improve your BS control

K Rameshan Kannur
Not heavy dinner,take between 7 to 8 pm regularly

Mita Mullick
Thanks to all for your good advice.

Radhakrishnan R G
Take one portion bitterguard+one portion tomatto+one portion cucumber by cutting in to small piece and grind in to juice filter and drink in the morning empty stomach. You can see the sucess.

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