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how much Metformin you take, how tall/heavy are you, and how good are your sugar levels?

how much Metformin you take

Can I ask, how much Metformin you take, how tall/heavy are you, and how good are your sugar levels? Thanks ❤.


Marla Freeman Utley
I take a 1000 mg and 180lbs. I'm losing the weight slowly.

Julie Ann Alonzo
My husband is 240lbs. He takes 1000mg per day. His testing has been around 230-280 every day.

Danielle Renada Phillips
I weigh around 157, 5'4". I'm type 1.5 diabetic, and I am on 1000 mg of metformin daily. My sugars range from the 80s-110 typically

Patricia Jean Derrick Bares
I take 1500 and I’m 5’6 170

Mike Castle
I am 200 lbs and 6 feet tall I take 2000 mg a day

Candice Twist
My husband takes the 500XR once daily. He’s 5’10” and now weighs 180lbs. His A1C is 6.3 and his glucose monitoring is 110-120 daily.

Candice Twist
I should add when diagnosed he was 220lbs, A1C was 7.8 and his levels ran 190-220. It’s been a year and a half since diagnosis.

Kelly Glidden-Watson
I take 1000mg twice a day. I’m 5’8” and 206. Down from 300.

Tay Faith Robinson
Kelly Glidden-Watson you lost weight from metformin

Kelly Glidden-Watson
Yes a lot

Kelly Glidden-Watson
I changed my diet as well of course.

Tay Faith Robinson
Kelly Glidden-Watson Wow thats good.. Congratulations

Kelly Glidden-Watson
Thank you

Lana Brewer
I take 500 mg 5’5. 176. No weight loss. Sugars below 115 WHEN I walk. No walking rise up to 130. I watch what I eat Metformin does not help with weight loss only helps with sugar. I wish it did. Nutritionist recommended correct foods and exercise 😞

Sarina Brown Echols
Lana Brewer, for some people it can. It took my appetite away for about 6m for me!

Teresa Cunningham O'Bryan
Sarina Brown Echols I agree it does help with weight loss in a lot .. maybe slow go .. but it does work .. specially if your insulin resistant and carry weight in the stomach area .. I lost 25 lb in a 6 weeks 2000 mg a day

Tania Hall-Hodges
I take 2500mg a day. I right now weigh 230 and am losing. I was told 12 years ago I have insulin resistance and started taking 1500 mg a day and have moved up to keep my sugars in line over the years. I at one time was down to 150 and had lost 200 pounds but have put on weight while sick over the last few years. My sugar in the morning are between 90 -110 normally. My A1C is about 5.6.

Randy Baker
I take 1000 mg. I'm 6'7.5 and I weigh 300 pounds. I lost over 55 pounds since my diagnosis.

Tay Faith Robinson
Randy Baker thats good

Randy Baker
Thank you. It was very hard work to lose the weight.

Tay Faith Robinson
Randy Baker Oh i know it was.. But you did it.. 👏👏👏

Randy Baker
Tay Faith Robinson yes, indeed

Randy Baker
And my sugar is in the 105-120 range

Mike Kemery
I take 2000 mg a day lost 5 lbs but im not over weight bs runs mostly 110-130 but have had several times in last month 70s to 90s dr and i are both good with my progress its only 4 months and yes I watch sugar and carb intake

Pete Guerra
200lbs..1500 mg a day..

Sheryl Proctor
1500 mg time released 5"2 185

Ariel Rose
I'm 5'1, 225lbs, and take 500 am and pm.
My sugars are all over. Between 60 and 180.

Nikeasha Gibbons
1500 mg, 5’2” 146lbs and A1c 5.4. My blood sugar is between 88 and 125.

David Simpson-Mendenhall
1,000mg twice a day - 6' - 140pounds - morning BS around 100 - 2 hours after eating and I am keeping in under 140 (type 2 4 years)

David Simpson-Mendenhall
Good question - good data - info your doctor can't give you

Leigh Catterall
6x500mg aday. Aged 45 Type 2 6ft 1 and 252lb. BS 6.7

Martín Almanza-Ortega
when i was 380lbs the doctor gave me 1000 a day. After 6 months I was around 340lbs and he cut it to 500 and my levels dropped from 7.2 to 5.4.
no I am 306lbs and my levels were 5.2 about a month ago and the doctor took me off of it.Now I only do healthy eating and my levels stay under 120 most of the time.

Martín Almanza-Ortega
i am 6 feet by the way

Karen Belin
500 mg 2 x day. 5’4”. 150 lbs. fasting bs 88-95. After meals 88-110.

Jason Moore
None. 5'9" 178lbs. A1c 5.3. No meds at all.

Steve Thomas
2,000mg, 5'11, 195lb. Sugar levels too high

Jennifer Brown-Bard
When I was diagnosed 3 months ago I was 217 5'2 and prescribed to take 1000 ER 2x a day. Hopefully when I go back in 2 weeks it will come down. I have lost 20 lbs.

Laura Smith
Type 2. I've been taking time released metformin 1000mg 2x daily over 20 years. I'm 5'9 and weigh about 190. I'm now 61 years old, keeping bs below 140... but choose food wisely. Never over 45 carbs per day. Since I've been watching carb intake, my bs was 90-220. After watching carbs and making sure bs never over 140 (since joining this group), I'm slowly losing my big diabetic tummy!
Btw, metformin alsouse as a youth drug, renews cells, prevents heart disease and Alzheimer's. Very thankful I've been on it so long.

Latina Gevedon
My son 6' 3" 145pds always been skinny..takes 1000mgs twice a another type..type2

Sharon Russell
500 mg/1x day, 132, 4’11 1/2” and I think it’s too much-been feeling a lot of hypos then bouncing back up. Libre put in place today to see what’s going on.

Victor Archbold
I'm off diabetic meds and insuline

Lisa Thompson
VictorArchbold how did you do that?

Tay Faith Robinson
Victor Archbold right how you do that

Steve Bennett
500mg 3x day

Angel Lasalle
6’3 365 metformin 750mg 3 times sugar average from 120-160

Scott Parrish
I'm 6' and weight about 235. I was prescribed Metformin when I was first diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. At the time I weighed 262. I never took the Metformin and concentrated on going low carb. My A1C has been below 6.5 since last May.

Joy Del Rosario
I'm Type 2 diabetic, I don't take Metformin at all. In fact, I hardly take any diabetes medicine. My blood sugar is around 100-120 everyday, before and after meal. I'm 5'4".🙂

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