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Has anyone ever had traces of blood in their urine?

Has anyone ever had traces of blood in their urine?


Martín Almanza-Ortega
no but that could be a UTI

Margie Medrano
One time. Was UTI.

Coleen Reece
Yes infection

Sharen Keeling
You should see a Dr xSx

Paula Woods
Yes it happens around your monthly

Laura Smith
Paula Woods lol. Unless your past menopause or a man. Girl... lol.

Jennifer Brown-Bard
Yes, I have an appt to see a urologist next week.

Julie Ann Waters
Yes kidney stones and uti

Cherie Loso
They find blood in my urine all the time and sometimes I see it, but they can't find out why because I don't have insurance. If I had insurance, they'd figure it out. Lovely world we live in. I'm expendable.

Dawn Caryl Jacobson
I’ve had a trace of blood in my urine for over 25 years. Doctors are aware and monitor it.

John Grima
Dawn Caryl Jacobson eye drops good for that in Australia

Steve Thomas
Yes, but it was from my foreskin during a fungal infection. Good old Jardiance

Philip Pegg
Yes kidney stone very painful

Jürgen Halligan
Yes I did was a UTI and further tests showed I had type 2 diabetes, very frightening at the time.

Peter Cohen
See a dr immediately.

Amy Young
Yes I did a few months ago, there was no infection though. Had it tested again after 2 weeks and it was gone.

Judy Stark
Yes. Means an infection is present.

Judy Ann Comer
I have PKD and often have blood in my urine.

Susan Andersen
See your doctor uti or kidney infection

Penelope Dorson
Same isn’t it

Andrew Diaz
Penelope Dorson no they are different you can have a kidney infection and not have a UTI but a UTI can turn into a kidney infection.

Penelope Dorson
Andrew Diaz the kidney is part of the Urinary Tract. UTI can be in any part of the urinary tract. Bladder ureter kidney.

Kellye McGraw Englishbee
It's usually kidneys. See a doctor.🍀

Tiffany Frank
Yes you need to go see a kidney specialist does anyine have foam in there pee

Jane-jerry Amos-smith
Sometimes diabetes can cause foam if you've had too much sugar. I've had this problem

Kim Derrick
Same here. I've had it for the last 4 years, before my diabetes diagnosis. I never see it. It only shows up in tests and they monitor me.

Russell Soverns
Have your gfr checked, especially if you have hypertension.. Diabetes and hypertension are a recipe for CKD.

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