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Has anybody ever heard of cortisone shots causing diabetes

Has anybody ever heard of cortisone shots causing diabetes

Has anybody ever heard of cortisone shots causing diabetes?


Staycee Kandygurl Lee
Absolutely that’s how I was diagnosed and I had to make a decision on getting injections because of pain and my blood sugar was all over the place highest 600”s

Clay Trittelwitz
Wow me too

Ellisa Alvarez Benson
Yes-me! After 3 years of regular shots, I was surprise, diabetic. I’m hoping to put it into remission and get my life back.

Tammy Wolff
Cortisone shots causes your blood sugars to sky rocket - doesn’t mean you weren’t border line diabetic before hand & now the shots show a higher sugar than normal - wait a few weeks & retest your sugar levels & see if they have started coming back down

Victoria Williams
Basically, any drug with steroids will increase your glucose temporarily.

Scott Casey
Yes I got it from them

Scott Casey
I had injections every 6 weeks for 2 years

Clay Trittelwitz
Scott Casey yeah had 6 injections in one year that's when I was diagnosed

Sherry Souder
Steroid shots sent my mom's BS to 1100 and she was placed on insulin permanently

Annette Falconett
Yes. It's called steroid induced diabetes.

Laura Smith
Steroids makes diabetics super sick. I was in hospital for few days, dr gave me steroids knowing I was diabetic. Sent me home. After I got severely sick, went to my normal dr.... he got so mad.
If you’re predisposed (family has diabetics), I’d be very reluctant to take steroids. My good dr said there are many other drugs that work like steroids. Be careful. Don’t trust drs in hospitals.

John Griffin
Idk about the shots causing Diabeties but I have to taken them every day since last June because my eye surgery and I've been a severe type 1 for 20 years now. Have to talk alot more insulin now since the steroid make it go so high

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