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Does anyone use Trulicity? The once weekly shot.

Does anyone use Trulicity? The once weekly shot.

Does anyone use Trulicity? The once weekly shot.

Would you recommend it.

Lisa Chavers Ambrosio
I do. I like it very much. I’ve had no side effects other than a dull appetite, which is not a bad thing in my case.

Linda Mitchell Everts
It didn’t work for me. My stomach was sore and felt hard. Trouble swallowing even water.

Richard Bayley
How does it work? Does it make you pee sugar?

Susan Sharum
I puked all over on this.

Dottie Doucet Sillano
Did not control my sugar

Kristie Acuña
I loved it and had great results but my insurance wouldn't cover it...switched to metformin which I couldn't tolerate and now on Jardiance which seems ok but I pee like crazy and seem to be hungry all the time.

Karen Belin
My boyfriend has taken it for 2 years now. Great results plus weight loss. There is an assistance program if you can’t afford it.

Donna Catherine Bailey-Scalf
It really messed my stomach up. I had to stop using it.

LaShonda Brown
I tried it. It caused me to have pancreatitis

Nick Wandishin
I gained 40lbs my a1c last 3 times have been 9.1 9.7 9.7 so you tell me i also take 1000mg metformin and a total of 480 units of insulin throughout the day

Nick Wandishin
And i take the 1.50mg trulicity

Angie Ewing
Yes and yes

Pamela Collins
Ivey I do I love it

Paulette Hill
I've been on for a month. Diarrhea is bad but it does curb your appetite. And you have to make sure you eat enough to stop the lows.

Thelma Adair
My mom is on it, it is like a miracle drug for her.

Max Rozga
Love it

JoJo Price
Yes, has taken my A1C from 14.3 to 6.3 ❤❤❤

Tina Mae Straley
I love it... I've been on it for 3 years...but the first three weeks were horrid..

Julie Bookmiller Seier
I did but I can no longer afford it. So check your insurance before you start.

Donna Osborne
I"ve been on it for 3 weeks. It makes me so sick on my stomach I don't think I can tolerate. It. I have lost 10 pds.

Margie Alvarez
No. Didn't like it they switch me Ozempic that work but my insurance didnt cover it I was on a trial for 6mths it was great my alc was 11 came down to 7.3. Plus it was an appetite supresent thats worked..

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