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Anyone deal with burning, painful feet?

Anyone deal with burning, painful feet?

Hi all! Anyone deal with burning, painful feet? It's driving me crazy and makes it very hard to fall asleep. What helps besides tight blood sugar control?


Darlene Lange
gel can order on line.....they make it a little better.

Brian M. Baker
Brian M. Baker no but i have problems with leg muscles twitching and cramping in my left foot.

Paul Stevens
Sounds like you've got burning feet syndrome....its where all yr feet nerve endings feel like they are on fire and so painful to walk on, sleep, rest painkillers can help it, eventually all nerves in the feet basically die then have no pain but you also have no feelings in the feet either....speak to yr diabetic nurse or doc about it.

Kim Sutton
I get it if I have been on my feet too long.

Cindy Jonson Wagoner
Cbd salve=100%

Milo Fischer
I use foot creams, lotions, light therapy, diet, exercise, socks, gabapentin some days nothing works. It's just how it goes. I've had it since I was 24 I wish I would've taken care of myself a lot sooner. I hope you don't get to this point and find something that helps

Helen Irving
I’ve given my moms boyfriend a blend of essential oils and he swears by it. And I’m praying he’ll get blood sugar under control too! 😉

Dave Carter
Dave Carter
You may be developing diabetic neuropathy and you need to get your feet checked to confirm this. Some people use foot creams, CBD oil, compression socks, etc, but the best thing long term is to control your blood sugar. If the damage isn't too bad, nerves can grow back slowly over time, but confirming what the cause is is the first step.

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