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If you're diabetic there is a possibility a kidney failure?

If you're diabetic there is a possibility a kidney failure?

Is that true that if you're diabetic there is a possibility a kidney failure?


Lethi Houston have a higher percent of having kidney problems as a diabetic.

Sonia Labreche
Definetely!! All of your organs can be affected by diabetes :(

Eboy Hernandez
So there's no way we can avoid it

Naeem Waheed
Ncontrol your diabetic through keto diet bring your A1c under 6 and you will be fine

Sarina Brown Echols
Naeem Waheed, I am controlled and I have never been on keto! I do not think that is the only way! My A1C is 5.6... kidney function is very good!

Naeem Waheed
Sarina Brown Echols i never said only u can do low carbs diet also to control it
i know many diabetic patients who have done LCHF and keto diets have bought down there A1C in 3 months

Barbara Ann Bennett
Yep.I believe drinking lot of water helps.

Gina Beciri-Osmani
Absolutely. Some are more inclined than others.

Mahlodi Mothiba
Yes it is cause a friend of mine is already in that situation šŸ˜­šŸ˜•

Debbie Vorwark
My kidney's have shut down before so yes

Janet Keller Allen
Keep your blood sugar below 140 at all times, below 100 most times, and you will be doing your best to avoid kidney disease. When the blood sugar goes over 140 then microvascular damage begins to happen in the organs thus leading to damage to the kidneys.

Janet Keller Allen
Janet Keller Allen And stay hydrated by drinking water.

LaShonda Brown
Yes. I went through three kidney failure over the last 8 years. I started dialysis in 2017, had my kidney transplant la l June 2018

Mimi Kal
LaShonda Brown ... Good to hear you got a kidney transplant ..My sister is on dialysis , we are trying to put her on the waiting list for a kidney. how long did you wait to get a transplant?

Darlene Lange
Yes. I see a kidney specialist regularly just to monitor my statu

Daniela Dalli
Daniela Dalli Yes i was a kidney failure. now got happens if sugars are too high..

Esang Du
Daniela Dalli what are d symptoms for kidney failure

Andreonna Peters
Andreonna Peters Not if you take take care of your self and your sugars

Rakhee Raj
Yes.....diabetic nephropathy

Mark Lamphear
Now I'm really worried about diabetes

Alan Wilden
Control is key. My great uncle with type 2 after 30 years of reasonable care had his kidney function drop to 10% . However my dad after 29 years type 2 very well Controlled has perfect kidney function. On only 2 years into this and my a1c is now 5.0 and my kidneys are fine.

Lisa Pendleton
Yes .. I've had kidney failure

Michelle Jones
Not necessarily kidney failure but higher risk for kidney disease. I am stage 3a but mine is more than likely from high blood pressure and heavy nsaid use. My nephrologist told me something very interesting though. He says that there is a direct correlation with diabetes who are affected with retinopathy and kidney disease. They seem to go hand in hand. So if your eyeballs seem to be alright your kidneys should be too. That’s his own observation, I just thought it was interesting.

Amanda Jane
Unfortunately it is something that effects a lot of diabetics.
Sadly my sister past away last year due to renal failure.
She had no chance of a kidney transplant as she had a lot of other issues due to her uncontrolled diabetes.
It is a very scary thing to watch and hope that anyone else who is starting to have kidney problems starts to try that bit harder. I’d hate to think there are more people out there that may lose their life because of this illness. I really wish they find a cure for diabetics xxx

Esang Du
Amanda Jane whats d symptoms of kidney failure

Amanda Jane
being unable to urinate is one of the most common.. my sister went days without going and resulted in many trips to the hospital xx
Itchy skin..
and feeling sick.. but believe these are when you are in renal failure x
Swelling to the body but mainly ankles x
Feeling tired all the time..
bad breath
These are just some of the signs that my sister experienced. X

Judy Hardy
There’s lots of things to fail with diabetes. Prayers.

Sanjib Kr T
Yes there is a possibility.but if u maintain ur blood sugar well, the risk of complications of my aunts she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 25, during her time diabetes management was not advance in our place.even today doctors in my place hardly ask patients to do an hba1c aunt now is 89 with good kidney function as per her age ( kidney function GFR decreases with age), she is quite active and that is encouraging for me.

Stefanie Valdes
Diabetes is such a confoundedly confusing disease...One that progressively gets worse if we don't do our absolute best everyday to keep it under control...I admit,it is so frustratingly hard and I know I could (&should do better) goes out to all of us suffering and dealing with Diabetes...Prayers and Love and Strength to all for better tomorrows.

Dakies Jakosalem
Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to kidney problem.

Stefanie Valdes
I want to know what the difference means between "Controlled"&"Uncontrolled Diabetes"?...I always see my Dr.writing "Uncontrolled"on my lab work papers...i do my best to control it,but i am type 2 insulin dependant and i dont know why i still am considered "uncontroled"??

Mark Mayeit Guinto Gerona
if you can control diabetes there is nothing to worry about. we all die anyways. diabetec or not :)

Onkar Banwaskar
If you keep your blood sugar under good control No worry !.

Steve Bennett
If you're a diabetic there is a possibility of everything failure.

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