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Has anyone tried to keto diet and had good results for diabetic?

Has anyone tried to keto diet and had good results for diabetic?

Hey has anyone tried to keto diet and had good results with it? I have seen people bash it but I’m looking for people who have had great results. I’m thinking about doing it.


Heather Rice
Everyone has great results BUT it’s just not healthy long term.

Jenika Carol Elise Brooks
Heather Rice so it’s definitely a short term thing?

Heather Rice
Jenika I have a Facebook friend who did Keto. She lost ALOT of weight. She also had a heart attack. While in the hospital, the doctor said Keto is great for the severely obese. However those who do it long term (such as her) often have medical issues down the line, wind up gaining it back or both.

Jenika Carol Elise Brooks
Heather Rice oh snap. Thank you 🙏🏼

Danyell Kennedy
Once you burn through your body's stored fat it then starts to burn muscle, including your heart. It is not meant to be long term

Jason Moore
Please site your source.

Heather Rice
Jason Moore If you were referring to me, my source is my friend whom I will believe over any other "source"

Jason Moore
Heather Rice okay. I wondered because that statement that you made isn't scientifically accurate at all.

Heather Rice
Jason Moore Understandable. I just go by her and what her doctors said :)

Jason Moore
Heather Rice I get it. If you want to know actual biochemistry and how a well formulated ketogenic diet is actually very healthy for human beings...I'd be happy to help. My views are based on data and science. Current research that is.

Val Roberts
Didn't work for me after a few months. Sugars all over the place.

Alice E Goodwin
I have been on it a year in February. Lost 65 pounds. Lowered my cholesterol from dangerous levels to normal. Lowered my blood pressure from 135/90 to 120/ 75. I have less arthritis pain then ever before.
Keto is a whole foods diet. You can't eat processed crap on it even if its labeled keto. Keto is high healthy fat moderate protein and low low carbs. You eat good cuts of meat and bunches of fresh greens. Keto isn't an all you can eat bacon diet like most here think it is. Below is a food list. You can make up your own mind but this diet saved me from an early grave. You look at the list and make you own judgement its hard to stick to at first but gets easier the longer your on it.

Sam Tran
No diets will work unless we can address the real cause of diabetes. Acid build up causes many issues. Any diet you undertake must return the body to proper balance of nutrition, pH, hydration and energy. If not, they may only work temporarily but not address the underlying imbalance.

Jason Moore
A1c 13.1 last January and is now 5.3. I'm not on meds. Got off of blood pressure meds too. Lost about 100 pounds. I exercise too.
Does it work? Yes. Since as T2s our body literally cannot process glucose correctly or burn fat...we should eat carbs? No. Metabolically speaking it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that NOT doing a well formulated ketogenic diet if you're a T2 is only going to make us sicker.

Janet Anderson
Jason Moore my husbands results are almost the same. He started at 13.1 three months later he was 5.4. Not only that he has lost close to 20 pounds and his cholesterol that was high is down in normal range.

Jason Moore
Janet Anderson a ketogenic diet should be the protocol given to all diabetics. It's a no brainer when we look at biochemistry. However that would reduce and remove medication for most. The medical system would possibly collapse if everyone who was diabetic did it.
There is no evidence of anything bad associated with it. Yet the unlearned bash it all day with their emotions and outdated 'science.'

Janet Keller Allen
Keto is fine but a diabetic does not have to be on keto. A low carb healthy diet is sufficient.
Jan Hinkle Do your research.....what good for some not good for others... I tried lost 8lbs flu like weaker for days felt like was going to die..very high blood sugars too..

Rebekah Jones Garcia
Everyone is different, so you have to do what works for your body, but as some have already said on here a keto diet must be done right. When I see people piging out on pork rinds or fried cheese taco shells proclaiming keto l cringe. There is a book that’s called whole food keto and it’s really good.

Janet Keller Allen
Janet Keller Allen I did keto when first diagnosed and to bring my blood sugar under control with diet only, no meds. It was great for that. Keto is great for resolving insulin resistance. Once my blood sugar was well controlled I switched to a higher carb diet, still…Lihat Lainnya

Denice McMurtrey Rupp
My dr told me NO...she said diabetics have to wstch cholesterol and the keto diet with all the meats, eggs and cheeses is to high in cholesterol.

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