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Can a diabetic person drink whiskey and wine?

Can a diabetic person drink whiskey and wine?

Good morning everybody. Can a diabetic person drink whiskey and wine? Please suggest.


Basavaraj Bentur
Drink but limit 3 pegs ☕

Bikash Sinha
3 pegs in a year ????

Ramesh Babu Golla
Ramesh Babu Golla Occasionally limited intake is ok- Max 180 ml for month

Manomohanan Kamath
Manomohanan Kamath Why drink? You can live without drinking like me

Santhosh Puthanpura Sukumaran
Drink maximum 180ml
Along with froots & veritable salad

Bhat Majid
No never

Apollo D'Souza
Drinking within limits is okay provided along with diabetes you do not have any other complications that would be impacted.

Ashish Mallick
Why u are happy with wine ? U can live without drink.

Jadu Khundongbam
Some people says there is no complication to drink wine and whiskey, so I want to know from u all the opinion and reason behind it

Ashish Mallick
U can drink, but a little amount. It is not suitable for health. This is the good opinion from us then as ur wish.

Virender Tak
Yes, not more than 3 pegs daily...

Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy
We dont recomend even to a normal person

Basavaraj Bentur
Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy sarva roganiki saraye maddu

Mohammad Kaleem
No never drink alcohol.No one would recomend you to take it

Bipul Kumar Roy
Prolonged period small amount of alcohol it may damage your liver.

Jayanta Roychowdhury
Must drink

Sumit Grover a control way and if ur bp is in control

Joy MC Muthoot
Better not to have even one peg.

Manoj Singh
Yes,. Yes why not but to the limits.

Prem Chandran
It is not good or alternative for any disease, BP or diabetics, moreover if you are taking medicines it will aggravate the situation.

Deepak Ranjan Nag
Yes, but check fbs, lipid, creatinine regular

Vijay Gandhi
Diabetes ($ugar) is a slow poison. If any diabetic wanna die early, that guy should start drinking spirit (alcohol/more poison) today. So do you think that people who drink are $piritual people ? 😂

Rajiv Saran
Avoid Rum & Bacadi ..

Bechuram Mondal
once in a blue moon you can take in moderate quantity depend on your health condition.

Kotragoud Ananddevanahalli
As we know drinking Alchohal Injuriousto health pl aboide

Gurcharan Singh
Yes you can as long as you control calories & take good food.

Ruth Kongari
Is diabetes not enough that one wants to add drinks and suffer more?

Chandrasekhar Vuppaladadiam
If you desire to drink venom, who can prevent ?

Suren Kumar Limbu
Hait k k sodhnubha ho yesto mmmmm!!!!

Santosh Shenoy
Yes in moderation. Whiskey not more than 60 ml per day. Wine is best avoided .

Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy
Santosh Shenoy U mean poison can be consumed in moderate quantities?

Virender Tak
Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy poison becomes medicine in permissible limits..

Santosh Shenoy
Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy alcohol is not poison. It is a form of sugar which which is converted eventually in to sugar by the liver in about an hour. Till such time it sooths your nerves. One peg of alcohol is good for your health. However more than a per will harm your system. It is best avoided as most of the person's tend to breach the limit and over a time start dependent ( addicted ) on it.

Santosh Shenoy
Sreeram Sreeramachandramurthy one peg is around 100 calories which should be counted in formulating your diet.

Lakshmi Ravishankar
Already you are diabetic why do you want get into or continue bad habits. Live healthy, stay healthy enjoy your earnings with family and go around places enjoy art architecture, snow fall, mountains desserts etc., Enjoy Our country's diversified places. Read a lot of wonderful books written by great people ike Deppak Chopra, Osho, Jaggi Vasudev Sukhbhodananda, Swami Vivekananda etc, God ha given you wonderful life. ENjoy happily stop bad habits.

Akhtar Razvi
First you keep in yr mind Diabetics is not curable, can be control only ... If you can't control yr blood sugar be ready to face many health problems in future i.e (1) kidneys (2) Heart (3) Eyes (4) Joints Legs & Hands (5) Nails (6) digestion problem (7) weakness (8) sexual problem (9) urine (10) Nerves .... even sugar patient can't eat everything and full of stomach, believe me many more problems will come, if you could not control yr blood sugar, be ready to face above problems.... stop Alcohol, cigrate or any other bad habits, start healthy lifestyle .. Madam Lakshmi Ravishankar yr advise is excellent God Bless You.

Rinliana Varte
I have been drinking over 40 year's till to date,i have no complaint over whiskey,i am a diabetic patient for the last 20 + years.One or two pegs before meal.I'am 67 now.

Lakshmi Ravishankar
Joy MC Muthoot Very true constitution differs but still drinking itself is bad especially with diabetes. individual choice what is good for some one may not be for us what is bad for us may not be for others depends

Joy MC Muthoot
Yes .i strongly believe that drinking alcohol never be encouraged ...i meant that ones ability to control the habit depents upon differen persons will be different

Naresh Bhat Have a diet whisky not more than 90 ml

Santosh Shenoy
There is such thing as diet whiskey only soft drinks have diet version wherein they use artificial sugar. Alcohol has about 100 calories per peg of 60 ml

Manasi Joshi
Mr jadu why do u keep asking this question every now and then,if u drink ,drink and face the consequences

Arpita Kaur
Yes you can drink but should limit to two drinks. Also add a product called herbalin to your daily routine. It's herbal insulin powder. It will keep your blood sugar levels down. Do visit their website and fill a form for getting a free call counselling.

Subrata Das
Are you diabetic patient? Don't ask same question repeatedly. A diabetic person know very well which is good for health.

Mukesh Saroj
Dear sir
Wine or whisky is not essential for life. It's depend on you what is better for you. If you maintain blood sugar then you can consume whisky in small amount occasionally.

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