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My husband is a alcoholic and being a diabetic

My husband is a alcoholic and being a diabetic

Evening all, I think my husband is a alcoholic and being a diabetic myself it upsets me to see him like this, he sometimes says nasty things so what do I do I just sat here and eat a bag of crisp and a chocolate bar. I am a type 2 and I have been really good lately so why do I do these things. Sorry for rant.


Terri Mitchell
It's emotional eating. I have the same issue. Stressful situations make it so much worse.

Betty Rittinger Scimeca
Terri Mitchell , same here 😕

Terri Mitchell
Betty Rittinger Scimeca Maybe we need to form a group for emotional eaters. :)

Amanda Abbs
I would think what is best been through the same thing it hard but maybe think about moveing on as it won't get better there is alot of support for you out there

Leona Costello
Have you discussed this with him? Maybe something is troubling him. Have you spoken to a friend or family member about how you feel. Please do. Don't try to deal with all this alone. If you want to vent in here I emotional eater too

Sandra Jenkins
Sandra Jenkins Leona Costello I have spoken to him about it and he said he’s stressed because of work but I just don’t know how much more I can take x

Leona Costello
Sandra Jenkins I understand the work stress thing do you talk about the problems at work and the stress I find having someone listen helps maybe try an activity together a walk a drive watch TV a problem shared is a problem halved would he speak to his doc?

Silke Genaille
I sure the hell wouldn't stay.
I'd be leaving.
But that's me.
Please think about what this can potentially do to your health.
You know your worth.
Your precious.
A human being and you definitely deserve better than that.
You know just as much as we know this treatment isn't healthy.
Don't stay.
It can get worse.
People in this group care and take into account Good friendships.
Myself I'm happily single.
I've grown tired of men... period.
I've been in bad relationships.
I've walked away and yes it hurt but we all heal.
We become stronger......wiser.... and healthier within our soul.
I'll pray for you.
Your beautiful, and there's resources out there.

Leona Costello
Sometimes it's not that easy that's what we all think til we are faced with the actual problem

Silke Genaille
Of course not easy.
I've been there many times in my twenties.
Even 30's
Nothing like that is easy.
And I didn't say it was easy

Clay Trittelwitz
Hang in there Lord knows it isn't easy.

Christina Andric
Clay Trittelwitz hate this kind of answers! She needs a real solution because she has a real problem! My advice is that she needs to protect herself and her health in sense of leaving him if it aint working out and he doesnt want to change his bad habits! Soo shameful

Susan Derome
Get out while you can.

Ramona Henson
There are groups out there that help out family and friends with alcoholism and addiction. Please join so you will have an understanding of this and make healthier choices for yourself.

Sharon Russell
Ramona Henson Great advice 😉

Lorenz C. Leopold
But that candy bar was good wasn't it? It happens to all of us from time to time. Seriously tho....But you do need to try and talk to your husband. And maybe you both should go for counseling. I wouldn't stand for that behavior for very long.

Jennifer Jenkins
If he abusive, mentally or physically, it probably would be a good time to leave. Please join groups available in your area

Tee Roby
Tee Roby A former alcoholic slash is how I become diabetic. I became a mean drunk to a degree. But I'm not married. So u tell him to straighten it out an do what u gotta do u keep u alive an well. Let his mean ass worry about himself. I know u may love him. But its time for tough ass love. Blessing to u on finding a way

Stellamaris Newlands
I would suggest you join Al Anon. Alcoholism is an illness that affects loved ones by making them ill too. Al Anon will help you look after your own wellbeing. It may even eventually lead your husband gaining the insights he needs to start his own recovery from his addiction and become well again.
The most important thing at this time is that you become well yourself. "One Day at a Time".

Jill Mersdorf
I’m so sorry you have to go through this. You gave some important decisions to make. ❤️

Christine Williams
I'm a recovering alcoholic, been sober for 3 years. .please know that this is not your fault. Take care of you first

Hope Draper
It is never ok, to allow someone to abuse you in ANYWAY. You are worth love!

Tamika James
Have you talked to him about what he’s doing and how it affects you? It sounds like you’re being verbally abused.

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