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Does anyone with Type 2 Diabetes suffer with migraines/headaches

Does anyone with type 2 suffer with migraines/headaches ive had one for 2 days now and just wont budge.


A.C. Wiles
I do. My dr told me it was period migraines. I'm wondering now if it's related to my diabetes. I guess it's to see if the migraine is there when levels are high or if dehydrated.

Amanda Pickett
I used to get them and they would always last three days at a time. It was when my sugar was uncontrolled.

Shannon Rodenberg
I do all the time you might want to see your doctor to get you something for the migraine they gave me imitrex and it helps.

Erica Thompson
Before I got my bs under control, I had migraines quite literally 24/7.

Tricia Brown
Check your blood sugar to make sure it’s not high.

Amelia-Jade Hoult
I havent got a meter to the doc said i didnt need one.

Terrie Mahoney
You need a meter. It will help to regulate your levels and if you don’t have one how will you know if you are high or low. You can get one with a percription from Doctor and usually the insurance will cover part of the meter and strips. You can also buy one from any store with there name on it, such as Meijers and those are like $20 and the strips are about the same. Also look online for national diabetes association they may send you a free one. I think a few years ago that’s who I got a few meters from and they sent a new one every two years.

Tee Roby
Mines meant my blood pressure was high. I had to stop drinking an doing bad things that caused it..but everyones body is different.

Robert Evans
I stopped eating meat and I am alot better, especially red meat !!!!

Amelia-Jade Hoult
See im not a very big eater myself but i know if i dont eat im not helping myself

Robert Evans
you're right there !! listen to your body seeing you are not a big eater it will be easier for you but eat you must !!

Darcy Hussin Gray
I'm type 2 and a migraine sufferer. Daily struggle.

Diane Watson Campbell
Take magnesium. It helps with headaches.

Tricia Brown
If your on Metformin or any other blood sugar medication you should consult a doctor...I tried metformin an magnesium and they don’t mix my blood sugar started dropping

Ana Larice
I have suffer from migraines 21 years that I cant see Notting my sugar is tight control 5,7 a1c.

Aimee Toten
I suffer to and a lot of mine was to much caffine or sometimes not enough so I quit drinking anything with caffine and I only drink water and I don't have them as often but when I do I hate it.

Kelly Davis
Yes I get them a lot. I am diagnosed with chronic ocular migraines before I was diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor thinks that if we can get the diabetes under control then we may have control over the migraines as well. I feel for you I know how awful they can be. The longest one I had was 76 hours.

Amelia-Jade Hoult
I suffered with them bad and before i was diagnosed with diabetes this is the 3rd day now x.

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