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Tried fasting and does it help with diabetes

Has anyone ever tried fasting and does it help with diabetes at all?
tried fasting and does it help with diabetes


Jennifer VanWassenhoven Tudor
I do intermittent fasting and yes it helps mine a lot. I don’t seem to have any issues at all doing it. Look into Dr Fung for more info on it. I also do most of exercise during the fasting period and works great for me. Everyone’s different though so play around with it and test a lot when you first start to see what works for your body. 😊

Georgia Birdsell Stone
I would clear it with your doctor. If you are talking 8 hours overnight that is a different story than what is traditionally known as fasting.

Leila Kalmoto
yes, i also do 16 hr intermittent fast 4 times a week. In the beginning i had some problems only because i didn't really know how to fast. Once i started learning how to fast my health with diabetes improved . All my blood work has come down . I was told i could never reduce my A1c because of a lung issue. I went from 7.8- 6 in less then 3 months . My doctors were so shocked she asked me to keep a daily journal.

Verree Doiron
If a person doesn’t eat after dinner at 6:00pm and doesn’t eat until 10:00am that is 16hours. Your fasting doesn’t have to be skipping meals.

Sterling Wilkinson
Verree Doiron and you are sleeping a big chunk of that time 😊😊.

Leila Kalmoto
I want to add that i don't take any diabetic meds only vitamins.I have talked to my doctor and nutritionist. My doctor don't really care what i do just as long as my numbers stay low my nutritionist doesn't want me to fast but now seeing my numbers drop she is doing her own research.

Verree Doiron
Sterling Wilkinson yes so that makes it so much easier to do huh.

Sterling Wilkinson
I'm starting my 3rd month of IF. Have lost weight, daily insulin at 12 units/day, down from 32 units/day. Fasting BS low to mid 80s, 2 hr post meal usually under 100 depending on how bad meal was, but no more than 120. I never feel starved (not since I first started), plenty of energy. I usually fast during the week and take a break during weekends, but I've gotten so use to not eating for longer periods that I still end up fasting some. Goal when fasting is 16:8, but most days when I reach hour 16 I'm in the middle of something so fast goes to 18-20 hrs.

Suganthy Sivaneswaran
Can you help please I take tablets how I do fasting.

Sterling Wilkinson
Just need to monitor bs more at first to make sure it doesn't drop too low. Maybe start with shorter fast.

Holli Gregory
For me personally it doesn't help. Because i get so hungry that when i do eat I'll tend to over eat and ruin my progress lol.

Sterling Wilkinson
I will drink black coffee or tea if I do start to feel hungry.

Jennifer VanWassenhoven Tudor
I’ve been told bone broth is ok as well to have during the fast. Personally I do the coffee and tea thing and have never needed to add the broth but it is another option.

Sterling Wilkinson
Jennifer VanWassenhoven Tudor I try to avoid anything with calories.

Lethi Houston
Okay... Fasting works for a while but then your body adjust and starts fight back. You will ended up with sugar spikes. After that I hate to tell you the doctor will look at you and might prescribe insulin as a diabetic the Tylenol thumb is five very small meals... Fasting can drop you blood sugar levels down to a dangerous level. Which can have a bad affect on you. Believe me. Check with Your doctor first.

Sterling Wilkinson
Not true and I have talked to my Dr and he said if its helping me get off meds, go for it.

Jennifer VanWassenhoven Tudor This is not the rule of thumb for all by any means. I have spoken to my dr and she believes completely in what I’m doing and that it works very well for me. I’ve been doing it for quite some time and never had blood sugar spikes even once and lowered my meds way down and off other meds as well. My A1C last tested at 5.4. My body has never once “fought back” since I started it. I do agree to check with your dr of course and my understanding is type 1 should probably not do it but you can’t say that those negative things will eventually happen doing IF. It’s just not true since everyone is different and for some it works very well.

Tina Hall Jennifer
or you on insulin?

Jennifer VanWassenhoven Tudor
No I am not on insulin. For diabetes I was on once a week non insulin bydureon shot and metformin. The bydureon has been removed and metformin has been lowered at this point.

Ruby Ochoniya Aduku
Just started my intermittent fasting. My sugar is doing better.

Chalton Mwangi B
Just try losing weight .I have lost 15kg in a span of ,6 months have very well controlled sugar's and my hba1c went from 19 to 6.7.Fasting will only make your body likely to hold on to anything on sight instead of expending it.

Ronke Ogunmuyiwa Michelle
you fast every night when you go to bed at least 13hrs. That is about the only fasting i can do.

Shuriti Singh Agarwal
All are doing this kinda fasting.

Ronke Ogunmuyiwa
We are restricted in what we can eat then to add fasting on top of it naaaaaaaa.

Ronke Ogunmuyiwa
I drink fresh lemon juice daily with raw ginger. Chopped up lemons and ginger pour hot water drink throughout the day. Remove the pieces after 10 mins and keep in the fridge. The benefits are endless.

Maggie Bowry Ronke Ogunmuyiwa
I wish more ppl would help them selfs no need to suffer. And so natural too x

Dave Carter
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I don't do intermittent fasting and my sugars are fine through diet alone. By all means do it if you think it will help you, but it's not essential.

Rita Batzakis
I have been doing 11am 7pm fasting with EMK caps that work like metformin.but no side effects of metf. Week 3 so fat bs dropping. More energy.

Juan Smith
You can't do insulin and fast!

Sterling Wilkinson
Yes you can. I do it everyday.

Juan Smith
Your sugar level must high for you to do that? Mine is at 81 to 120. If I do insulin and forget to eat I dropped down to 57 I feel all bad?

Sterling Wilkinson
No. My fasting blood sugar usually in the 80s. 2 hr post meal, no more than 120, usually 100 or less.

Gayle Matsmi
yes you can. When my BS is high i fast several hrs and see if it goes down and I am on a pump

Robin Amore
A lot of times when I fast my bs goes up. Sometimes it drops not often though.

Ren Ée
I did a lot of water fasts and they did help my sugars, but it's hard on the liver so if you have liver problems it's not for you. Intermittent fasting is good for Diabetics and was the only way to treat the disease, along with ketogenic diet, until very recently.

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