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I barely ever sweat before I was diagnosed with diabetes

I barely ever sweat before I was diagnosed with diabetes three months ago. I work in an air conditioned building and Still sweat profusely. Does anyone else find themselves sweating more than usual? I mean it literally drips down my face.


Breindy Gelbman
Diabetic ppl usually sweat when numbers are high.

Maggie Bowry
Drink lemon water loads of it to. I do a lemon a day. Hardly noticing this heat while others around me are melting. I’m nice temp. Fresh squeezed lemon juice so Healthy too. Google acv that helps too
It’s enlightening read 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

Sarina Brown Echols
I sweat all the time. Before and after, so I don't think mine is related. My numbers are under control, I drink lemon water and ACV all day(LOVE IT, added ginger and mint sometimes too).... I sweat so much AFTER a shower it is ridiculous... I gave up!

Susan Bolhafner
Could be meds, could be age-related, could be early menopause. Your endocrine system is like a clock that has gears... everything has to mesh together to work smoothly. If a cog isn't doing its job, it will affect the other gears.

Susan Brill Noyes
I've been in menopause for six years and have never sweat like this. Thank you though.

Carol Weisgarber Leidholm
Are you on glipizide, after my doctor took me off that it really helped.

Kellye McGraw Englishbee
I'm exactly the opposite. I was always sweating when no one else was sweating. After I was diagnosed I got my numbers in line quickly and then noticed that I hardly ever sweat now. I was just talking about this was a friend of mine. I used to just go out the door to my car and I felt like I needed a shower. I was sweating inside the house with air conditioner on. Now I seriously never sweat. My blood sugar is always right and I routinely eat the same things. It's amazing to feel normal. I think something is off with your blood sugar, or something you're consuming. I take metformin. What medicine are you taking?

Susan Brill Noyes
I also take metformin. 1000 in the am and at night. I'm also on high blood pressure meds and antidepressant/anxiety.

Betty Anhalt
Yes. I did before I was diagnosed with diabetes. Diabeetus was already in my body don't know how long I had it.

LadyLisa Reed
Yes I do it’s not so bad as it was before I found out I was diabetic.

A.C. Wiles
I sweat more after diagnosis. I also noticed that my skin was dryer, especially my feet. Foot care is important.

Crystal Marie Clark
Yeah I sweat much more than before diabetes. Also my eyes are so friggin dry and they used to be watery on command. It’s like my eyes dried up and my pits got permanently wet.

Susan Brill Noyes
Sorry for your sweatyness but I'm glad I'm not alone. Thank you All for sharing with me 💝.

Debbie Taylor
Omg! Never met anyone who does this like me. It so embarrassing! And I’m always hot!

Susan Brill Noyes
😀 well let me tell you your not alone! Ugh... I feel like I need to put deodorant all over my body.. We'll get through this.
, I'm sure of it. I'm definitely going to be trying the lemon water as suggested above 💝

Terri Mitchell
I was in a grocery store the other day and I felt something drip on my neck and it was because I was sweating so much. I think I will have to stay inside until the fall lol.

Charl Bailie
I work in a zoo and found myself sweating profusely a few months ago just before I was diagnosed. Now that my blood sugar is under control and I have lost a lot of weight, I find I don't sweat more than what would be considered normal. It is such a relief to know I am not going to be dripping with sweat in the first half hour. Not sure if it was the blood sugar or weight that was the issue.

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