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Most type 2 diabetics have a REAL love affair for sweet stuff

I don't mean to offend anyone, this is just an honest observation...but it seems to me that most Type 2 diabetics have a REAL love affair for sweet stuff, incl my husband!

Can it be the cause of the T2 diabetes?

As some of you may recall, I had high blood sugars but after my sleep apnea was diagnosed and treated, they went back to normal. But before I developed sleep apnea, I never really had a "thing" for sugary things, I'm more of a souraholic (lemons, grapefruit, pomegranates, limes, etc) So now I'm back to the way I was before sleep apnea. I also was not raised eating sugary foods.

But my husband was, and its SO HARD to get him to lay off the desserts!


Cindy Albers Wilson
I think there is a cause and effect. Glucose issues make you crave sweets, sweets cause glucose issues.

AJ Rovinsky
I'm wondering now which came first, the high blood sugars or my sugar cravings? Because once the sleep apnea was treated, the craving for sugary things left and my BS went to normal. I do know the hormones that regulate appetite, sleep, AND blood sugar are closely intertwined (ghrelin, leptin, cortisol, and insulin).

Alona Kiker Chastain
I do, that's been my hardest struggle. When I was diagnosed I stopped with Pepsi, my huge weakness but here lately I have to have it.

Shawn Wicks
100% yes. When you flood your body constantly with high amounts of sugar the body produces insulin to get it out of the blood. When this occurs frequently the body becomes insulin resistant and stops accepting the excess insulin. This is type 2 diabetes. The good news is, unlike me (t1d), it is 100% reversible with proper nutrition.

Nadya Depasquale
I could manage to keep off sweets. But bread and potatoes are so difficult to give up.

Steve Thomas
They are difficult to give up because Big Food sneaks them into foodstuffs as cheap fillers. I bought a hamburger yesterday expecting it to be beef mince, with perhaps onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Instead I found potato starch and rice flour in the ingredients. We don't stand a chance. I'd rather they made it smaller than filled it with crap.

AJ Rovinsky
I'm kind of weird in that I can't give up whole wheat pasta and bread, lol...white pasta and bread to me is nasty, I did not grow up on it. There is NOTHING IMO better than a slice of black Russian rye covered with pumpkin seeds, toasted, and slathered with butter.

Betty Anhalt
My hubby eat sweets all day all week. Can not stop him . He is so skinny but has a stomach like he's pregnant.

Cathie Waters Powers
That would be my husband’s beer belly!

Janet Keller Allen
I think processed grains is the real addiction.

AJ Rovinsky
Sugar, refined grains and processed food. If you cut out processed food, that automatically cuts out sugar and most refined carbs too.

Kim White-Fox
Sugar is as addictive as crack cocaine. I was able to wean off my addiction to ice cream. But diabetes is more complicated than just that.

Treva McAboy
My dad has been diabetic for about 30 years. I was diagnosed last fall. I asked him about the love of sweets one time and he said it's like being an alcoholic or drug know it's going to hurt you but your body craves it anyway.

Nicole Walter
My issue was never really sweets, I'm more a jerky person. My main issue has always been soda

Lorenz C. Leopold
I drank regular Coke for years. Pure sugar syrup. Did nothing but hurt myself...and gain weight. It is like a drug. A sugar addiction.

David Zawicki
I was never a chocoholic or had cravings for sweet stuff. Bad back has me laid up and I made poor eating decision. Went up to almost 300 pounds. 7 months after diagnosis I am holding steady at 220

Susan Strong
I think for many people, our carb heavy diets, starting in childhood, put us on a bad road. Processed carbs are cheap, have a good shelf life, and provide quick energy.

Terri Mitchell
I never cared for sweets. Never ate them growing up and they still aren't my thing. I drank Coca Cola. Never gained weight until they changed the formula and put high fructose corn syrup in it.

Elizabeth Soleimany
Yes I heard it tastes extra heavenly to them. Sad but true. Then again, bin appetite. But with measure and med

Stacey Tibayan
Advice from a long time T2 Diabetic here. Don't eat sugar. You must give it up. It is not worth kidney failure, blindness, or losing a limb. If you have to buy sugar free to help you, do it. I don't recommend all the fake sugar myself. Still not healthy, but if it helps you transition to no sugar than so be it. Carbs. I wish someone had told me years ago to stop eating them. Plant based baby...only way to go.

Susan Munroe
Nope, I love good food, not sugar, I could easily not eat sugar if I had to.

Lee Harrison
I'm with Nicole WalterWalter.Its the soda that got me.l used to guzzle gallons of fanta everyday n it finally caught up to me.Now I just drink mostly water but if I need something with kick I'll mix some 5cal Wylers drink and seltzer water

Gayle Matsmi
diabetics who are really trying stay on the diet as close as they can. It is the person no the disease. I think it is like most things you are told you can't have seems that is want you want. I am a baker but I try to stay away from sugar and I use substitutes, naturally sweet fruits. I also drink Glucerna made for diabetics in several flavors and that satisfy my sugar craving.

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Linda Pollison Wisneiski
Mine is health related and genetics. Meds I have to take put weight on, very prevalent in family and they were all thin. Sugar is the enemy and once u don’t have it, SFree tastes great!!

Wanda D Napier
Never been much of a sweet person here n there.

Patricia Goodridge
Always have enjoyed sweets. I still have a piece of chocolate at night. But, have replaced sweets for other items to snack on. I also just found out I have an allergy to wheat.

Rita Batzakis
The cause is gut biome. Once you heal the gut, the hunger for sweets disappears.

Mary Markowski
It is an addiction. Hard to give up sweets. I gave them up 5 months ago. If I taste them I will be right back on them.

Leila Kalmoto
love anything sour, if a fruit like pineapple is sweet i add a little lemon or salt.

Karla Ortega Molina
I’m T2 and I do not like sweet stuff, nor do I crave it. I was diagnosed at the age of 25 when I thought I was at my healthiest. But man I sure do love potatoes!! 😉

Susan Reid
bread,potatoes and pasta were my downfall but I have been fortunate to not have the addiction to them that I thought I had-it hasn't been too hard to give up.

Andrea Andrade
I’m type 1 was diagnosed at 16 y/o I’ve never been the type to eat sweets I’m more of sourholic just like you but my dad he’s type 2 he has to have something sweet after breakfast lunch and dinner I just don’t understand why

AJ Rovinsky
My daughter's BF is T1 and he is way addicted to sugar yet he is so thin!! He esp. loves white choc which to me is gross bc its extra sweet.

Andrea Andrade
AJ Rovinsky yeah I’m not a chocoholic people say I’m weird lol I guess it all depends on the person I always say we’re all different while others have a lot of things in common

Gilbert Lupita Campos
Pasta, potatoes and sweet tea were the hardest to give up. Cakes, pies and candy were never something I craved. I feel so much better eating the right foods and exercising that it has not been that hard to do without those foods. I do miss sweet tea. Lots!

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