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I don’t recommend diabetes as a weight loss program

While I don’t recommend diabetes as a weight loss program, I’ve officially lost 14 lbs as of today. Been averaging a pound a week! Watching carbs like a hawk is paying off in the weight Dept and while my bs isn’t as low as it was on my first med, my doctor says it’s ok so I’m keeping on with my program.


Cindy Emily
Good luck. I have lost weight, too, just by walking and watching my carb count (90 grams a day).

Gayle Matsmi losing weight is a big achievement. I think watching carbs usually the sugar and fat content are a little lower. (I said usually just saying before someone writes a note about it).

Sarina Brown Echols
Great job. My doctor says don't worry about your numbers as long as you are losing weight. It has been a year for me since diagnosed. I've lost over 73lbs. Down 4 sizes.

Dave Carter
Side effect of controlling sugar levels - new clothes needed!

Sharon Russell
For a woman particularly, that’s not a bad thing!

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