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Diagnosed with LADA or type 1.5 diabetes after Gad antibody test was positive

Was just diagnosed with LADA or type 1.5 diabetes after Gad antibody test was positive. Just wondering if anyone else has this type and what meds you took to preserve your cells as long as possible before becoming insulin dependent.


Rachel Norman
Waiting on my test results for this.

Eve Long
I was just told I probably have this type about a year ago. I had been diabetic for about 10 years and had been insulin dependent for most of that 10 years. My doc ran the c peptide test and results .9, she said anything 1 and under was conducted LADA but had to run more tests to get an official diagnosis. I think she just ran that test to get my insurance to approve the pump that I now use. My meds haven't changed any, other than the inclusion of the pump and longer needing lantis insulin. I still take metformin and Victoza.

Eve Long
I no longer need lantis, left out the "no" there lol

Kerry Stack Lane
I am on Metformin also 500mg morning and evening, I just want to make sure they do the best for me so I can stay off insulin as long as possible. I am still in shock over this whole diabetes diagnosis. I know I will evenuatly be type 1 and need insulin was just wondering how long people stayed insulin free and what meds worked.

Eve Long
Meds would only work for a short while for me. I think I took every pill out there for 6 months to year before they stopped working.

Ed Ball
Kerry try cooking foods with garlic, it enhances the performance of Metformin.

Christopher J. Fallon
I am currently waiting for my GAD results to come back. My C-peptide results were 1.14. I have an endocrinologist appointment 3/20/18 to help me understand this information. I was diagnosed with diabetes around 1/29/18.

Kerry Stack Lane
my doctor didn't do the c-peptide test he said it was old school and the antibodies test is what will determine what type you are. I hope yours comes back negative. I was just diagnosed 2/15/18 and I am trying to learn as much as I can.

Joy Rowland
If you take Metformin it decreases appetite,

Elle Smith
Interesting read on the 12 types of diabetes. Not come across anyone on here that’s not T1 or T2. Hope you do ok

Lj Watts
I was just given a LADA diagnosis as well last week, only after I insisted on seeing an Endocrinologist for additional testing. Only taking Metformin for now hoping to not need insulin for years.

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