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Diabetic since 2000, my HAB1C has ben 8.8 since last 2.5 years

Hi i am 47 and diabetic since 2000, my HAB1C has ben 8.8 since last 2.5 years and Mean Blood Glucose 236 mg, i am taking Metformin, Galvase Met, Inovocanna, but yet my fasting Sugar is not showing any improvement. i exercise, do not smoke and weekend drinker, i am not overweight, but why is HABIC not reducing even after taking these best medicines. - Barry Prabhu.


Naresh Narang
May be Insulin. but do take experts advice.

Sanjiv Naik
The main culprit is rice which is a carbohydrate,A endocrinologist suggested me to eat two morsels rice with appreciable amount of curd or curry just to get a false satisfaction of rice.Have three rotis in the afternoon and two rotis at night.In breakfast avoid Poha which is a carbohydrate,but eat upittu instead.If you are Bangalore or Mysore Ragi mudding is best which gives the satisfaction of eating rice with samber.If it does not gets corrected consultant an endrocologist.Also get yourself tested for thyroid under the guidance of endrocologist.

Manju Manu
Hallo sir.. in medical treatment in diabetes completely wrong procese.. world wise even one diabetic petiont not cure in medical treatment. it is a just just life style style disease.

Manju Manu
From best examples i say u all.. many many docters and docters familys suffering from type 2 diabeteic probelem. It is not a disease.. it is Simpel life style disease... change ur food style and life style.

Vijender Kumar Jain
methi dana barik..100gm
Gurmar buti......100gm
Amla .................100gm
Mix all n grind in mixy .
Take TSF with Luke warm water after meal
Morning n evening.
Very effective n amazing result.

Mubashira Chaiwala
Apart from taking medications as advised, some lifestyle changes will help you to manage your sugars better. Eat a healthy and balanced diet- It should be good in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals but low in unhealthy fat (saturated or trans), oily, fried, extra salt, junk, sugary and refined food. kindly follow a small and frequent meal pattern, apart from 3 major meals take 2-3 small and healthy snacks in between. Whenever eating out, ask about nutrient composition or read food labels to decide on healthy food choices.
check your sugars levels regularly as advised (to know how your treatment plan is working) and record and do a routine follow-up with your diabetes care team so that treatment can be revised or modified to achieve better control.

Mubashira Chaiwala
And since even after being on medications and exercise your HbA1c is not coming down, i advise you to join Diabee

Gurmeet Bagga
At times medicines stop working when you have been taking medicines for a long duration..consult your doctor and start taking insulin.

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Mubashira Chaiwala
- the comprehensive diabetes management program which will help you in reducing your HIGH HbA1c levels and reduction in medicines. Call at 011-30506066 and give my reference. we will explain you how this will work for you. Thanks

Basuru Subramanyam Patnaik
appears some gap , please follow medicine as per Dr in begining of a week have readings pasting post and discuss with to be as per advise take green leaves salads. excercise with dr advise at this scenario

Nandalal Sharma
Go as per your Doctor's advice .Don't worry .

Mahes'uji Samar
Panner flower... ayurvedic medicine soke in to the hot water 150 ml 15 flowers over night, morning take at empty stomach....low sugar person not advisable.... weekly two times check...then reduce ur medicine at doctors advice.

Asish Deb
I have same problem. I am
taking Reclimet tablet, galvus met 50/500 but HBA1C is not coming down. I want to undergo MV Hospital, Chennai for treatment soon.

Basuru Subramanyam Patnaik
better best hospital easy to control with best medicine diet exercise manage

Arif Sagar
i use to take Galvus 50/850 but not control, now Dr. suggested to take Insulin with Galvus two time. its ok now.

Basuru Subramanyam Patnaik
please consult diabotoligist only definitely you willget result diet mgt is very importentwalking too

Anand Mohan Sahai
Do Walking for 40 minutes daily & follow dietician advice at Fixed time. Enjoy Dear.

It's better if you start insulin after consulting your doctor.

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