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Bad kidney infection and I’m finding it frustrating the way they micro manage my insulin

I’m currently in hospital with a bad kidney infection and I’m finding it frustrating the way they micro manage my insulin. They are refusing to allow me to take it if my BS is below 150. For me that is way too high. And when it is at that level they allow me 1 unit. I generally take 10 - 14 units before I eat each meal depending on what I’m eating and what my levels are. I’ve been running high since I got here, but they only seem to think high is above 200. High for me is above 120. My endo fully endorses and supports my regimen. But he isn’t here, and they won’t contact him. They said if I had an insulin pump, which I’m hoping to get in a few weeks, they would disable it or remove it from me, and not allow me to control it with that either. I feel like I’m being treated like a fool. Meanwhile my health is suffering! 😒 they finally agreed to allow me to take my usual long acting dose, but I had to practically beg them.


Lana Brewer
Talk to your doctor. My guess nurses following doctor instructions.

Loretta Drerup
I did talk to the Dr here at the hospital and this was his idea. Well the hospital sets the rules for when to give insulin and when not to, but it’s way higher than what I’m used to. They refused to listen to me. They are testing me throughout the day but I’m also using my freestyle libre and it’s just a mess. I’m usually fairly consistently within my target range without a lot of spikes.

Lana Brewer
that is horrible. I do hope you get better soon. 🙏

Angela Pressler
Does your Dr have privileges at the hospital? Call him.

Loretta Drerup
Lana Brewer thank you xo I’m hoping to go home tomorrow, fingers crossed! They have been great here apart from the insulin issue, so it hasn’t been too terrible!

Angela Pressler
Loretta Drerup unfortunately hospitals diabetic protocols suck!

Loretta Drerup
Angela Pressler no I don’t believe he does, and it’s the weekend, I can’t get a hold of him anyway. I’m probably being discharged tomorrow so I’ll be able to get back in track soon, it’s just so annoying when I’m able to control it just fine and the hospital messes it all up lol

Loretta Drerup
Angela Pressler I’m discovering this! I had no idea, it’s really pretty scary how out of touch they are.

Angela Pressler
Loretta Drerup if ur Dr isn't on call on the weekend, he should have someone taking call for him. But I'm glad ur getting sprung soon.

Janet Keller Allen
It was explained to me once that they prefer it to run a little high in the hospital. Maybe ask "why" so high and hear their explanation.

Verree Doiron
Hospitals don’t mind it running higher in the hospital because it is easier for nurses to manage your insulin when you are high than low. They don’t want you getting out of bed and passing out or take the risk of you being low and a nurse giving you insulin that drives you into a coma. Way easier for them to leave you in the higher range but still safe

Ryan Cupp
You’ll be ok so the short time you’re in the hospital.

Rabia Shaukat
I hear ya and feel your pain. Speak to a manager or the resident and/or RN in charge. They do have something that allows you to sign off on where you can regulate your insulin dosage.

Michelle Day
It is your body and they have to respect that. Be more forceful
Or get a letter from your endo for if there is a next time.

Judy Hardy
Prayers for healing and peace. Hospitals are difficult. So many different drs!

Zadhee Sally
Different drs have many ways of treating. Have a frank discussion with your dr on the next visit.

Jackie Ress
I had the same issue when I was in the hospital. My BS was 204. I normally take 20 units for that reading. Nurse came in to give me 2 units. I told her I needed way more. She told me she knew what she's doing. I brought along my own insulin. So I told her don't bother I'll do my own. So I hopped out of bed and got my insulin and took it right in front of her. She's yelling at me "You can't do that!!" I told her just watch me. So she called a Dr. on the floor and they both came in to "talk" to me. I said I'm doing my own. You don't know me from Adam and have no clue what I need. Gave them my Dr.'s name. The next morning my Dr. was at my bedside at 7:00am. He told them to let me do my own insulin and to write down my readings and how much insulin I took. The nurse came in the next day and got real sarcastic with me. I asked to talk to the charge nurse. She came in and I told her do not let that other nurse in my room under any reason and I never saw her again! If I ever go in the hospital I take my own insulin and meter.

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