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14 years a diabetic and has NEVER checked her BS, takes no meds

Watching my mom slowly. or maybe rapidly kill herself. How do you tell someone how to spend their own money?? It's literally makes me sick to my stomach watching her buy AND eat this. She tries to put it in the common areas but I throw in her room. We allowed her to stay with us to get her health better. 14 years a diabetic and has NEVER checked her BS, takes no meds, nothing!! She's been here for a few wks and doctor appt not scheduled for another month.

diabetic no meds


Ayla Porter
This makes me sad for both of you. I can see why your upset with it as you should be and I can see your mom's side. I don't think she wants to face reality. It's hard being a diabetic I drink coke zero but lately have been eating things I shouldn't be I just try to limit myself. I also don't check my bs everyday however I do take my meds. She should atleast take her meds. Diabetes isn't something to take lightly which makes me feel as though she doesn't want to face that fact she has diabetes. Has she ever tried counseling or have you tried to get her to go? It may help her to open her eyes.

Gordisz Estradaa
maybe she can try healthier options.

Courtney Mercado
I eat and drink all this too but In moderations.

Deborah McKinney
I am trying to wrap my head around 14 years, no meds, and eating junk like this???? I am confused as to how she is still alive.

Barbara Colwell
That's what I was thinking. My goodness I cannot even imagine.

Debra Frank
Probably T2. I have a T2 friend at work- drinks regular soda, etc... and her a1c ends up pretty good. Frustrating for me!

Lisa Whaples
No shit. I just had a talk with my son about it cause he tried saying "at least she's happy"....uh no son she's not. When she's up screaming at night cause of her neuropathy pain...her anxiety etc...and she has HBP and high meds. Nada🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Corinna Otto
Lisa, so her doctor determined she has all these and she walks out and never takes any meds for anything?

Lisa Whaples
Corinna Otto this was 14 years ago. She was given meds for all.... took for about 3 months...never refilled since.

Lisa Whaples
My son thinks I'm crazy when she doesn't answer her phone in the mornings and I ask him to go check if she's breathing.

Corinna Otto
Wow! It sounds to me like your mom could use therapist. There's got to be a reason why she's so self destructive. Even though I'm sure it's hard, all you can do is tell her you love her and want to help her get healthy.

Susan Munroe
You cant force her. Maybe she eats just a little but likes to have it around. Allot of people live in denial.

Joselyn Jackson
I used to be like this. I've been a diabetic for about 7 yrs Nd I only took insulin when I was pregnant. But after that I stopped again. Yes I know dumb right ! But I just recently went to the Dr June 6th and they had to give me 2 bags of IV when they drew my blood it was so dark And thick it looked purple. I was SUPER dehydrated.i was 84lbs skin and bones. Couldn't fit anything. I had to shop in the kids clothes 😟 I was slowly dying. once the Dr put me on insulin I began to gain weight slowly. I feel better About myself (sometimes) I'm eating right my numbers are great. Sending prayers for your mom. I hope she can change for herself and use you as her motivation. Have her read some comments or read them to her she might feel different. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Lori Wright
My sister eats the same way she has diabetes and she does not eat heathy she eats Junkfood and soda I don’t have diabetes I watch everything I eat

Mariana Contreras
The struggle is real and so is the reality of the disease. Wishing the best to your mom

Dominic Ingram
I can sympathize with u on this. I can also see from your mothers point of view I’ve been diabetic for about 18yrs and I have issues taking my meds as well as eating right. I encourage u to continue to support and encourage her to make better choices. Although she may not show it on the outside this behavior is a form of depression associated with diabetes. Encourage her to see a therapist that can help her understand the reason for this self destructive behavior. I started seeing one and it’s amazing how u can discover signs of depression that u either overlook or don’t notice. I pray for her and your strength. It’s not easy I know cause I’m as stubborn as they come. I hate being told how to live my life just continue to support and encourage small changes at first be patient.

Frances Martin
Wow, wonder how she does it !!! I can't do it ... get her a meter to test her sugar ... Just throw it in the pile in her room <3 Mely Mack i eat junk but i do dose for it 😩 she can cut back a lil add lots of water n take that insulin😩 but you cant force her some people live in denial Gold Roses Its hard. First step is either diet soda or water cause drinking carbs and sugar is worse bet Helga Feddersen Your mom is an adult, and she’s going to do what she’s gonna do. If you get angry at her it’s not going to make her change her ways. Encouragement might help but probably not. Your best hope is the doctor appointment. Kristi Fitch She’s in denial. So sad, so sorry. Julie Bookmiller Seier That’s a death wish... she might need a counselor as well Mimi Kal She didn’t take her sugar and no meds? 😱 That’s not good! I am always on top my meds! & NO SODA! Once in a while a couple of zips. 😏 Lori Wright She eats out fast food all the time and on Insolent now to Mimi Kal Ok, so she is at least on insulin now..👍 Lori Wright Her daughter is 7 years old and she is picking up her bad eating soda Jen Wasylkowski All about education and detoxification. I went cold turkey and I tell you it tested me and my entire family but it was worth it to all of us. Water water water. Prepare a bunch of food she can have. Meats cheese veggies and eggs. Cut out milk, sugar, and most fruits for the first while clear the house of all the bad food. Get those doctor appointments rolling education is key. If you know it's controllable with a healthy lifestyle and medication any diabetic who has controlled it will never go back I promise you. Right now she's in a fog. Too deep to help herself too addicted right now. Help her out mood swings are in your future but your mom will be too Deanna Graves I would just say it is her body and her choice. Many of us didn't get to this place by eating great. It would be more supportive if you show her some healthy recipes that also taste good or healthy snacks. Keep in mind that delivery is just as important if not more so as the message. Emory Sandberg Sugar is more addictive than heroin, cocaine, meth,and cigarettes combined..... She is addicted to the ingredients in them.... you're dealing with a drug addict and her choice of drug is sugar carbohydrates Mark Payne I would say if that makes her happy then eat up. If you go at least go out with a bang and smile. you only live once so enjoy. Charlene Cameron It is extremely sad that she is doing that to you. Why in Gods name would she torture you like that !?!? Andy Grieco II My mom did this...she was diabetic but lost her will to fight after my dad died, she lived on the frapuccino drinks in the bottle and Rice Krispies...rarely ever ate food good for her...she eventually died of a cardiac arrest in front of me one night...we believe she had a major illness but refused to tell anyone...we didn't bother with finding out what it was afterwards... Cindy Emily Your mother is on a path to destruction. She needs a counselor to find out why she is so out of control. I am not sure I could let her live with me with this kind of behavior. She just needs help as she is her own worst enemy, and will keep on this path until she self destructs unless an intervention to get her to go for intense therapy. You have my prayers and sympathy. She has my pity. Linda K Williams If the doctor diagnosed her as being a diabetic why didnt he put her on meds Most of the time junk food is cheap so thats how some ppl have food whether its the good food or not. Its a process to accept that ur a diabetic and then make changes. Some ppl have to b taught how to eat and what to eat. Its all about the sugar and carbs. Teaching her is probably a good idea if possible with love Vonnie I Also am diabetic n as hard as I try to eat right it is very hard "At times" & those times can last for a few hours to a few days ugh... it's also hard having someone telling you what to do when you know very well what you should do... n someone getting angry or bossing you just makes u want it that much more... Just fix the right foods n all eat it... I have a brother that is diabetic n says he is gonna eat what he wants PERIOD!!! Laurieann Walsh Cossey I would never shame or embarass my mother on fb ever she is your mom not your child she needs love patience and a good endocrine Grace Nelson I disagree with your statement, she did not embarrass her. She is clearly trying to help her mum. Why do some people always have to see negative! Ronke Ogunmuyiwa Sugar addiction is serious, more addictive than cocaine. I pray she gets help soon as this is not good. Vonnie Dunn What's her A1C??? Ronke Ogunmuyiwa Vonnie she has not checked it in 14yrs and takes no meds. Vonnie Dunn Ronke Ogunmuyiwa well wouldn't you think if she was that bad of a diabetic n eating all this stuff (which I would think this is NOT all she eats) she surely would be sick n have lots of issues... if no meds, was she borderline? Did the dr give meds 14 years ago??? Did she buy this stuff for others in the house too? Or visitors? I am thinking she would be very ill if she has been diabetic n eating this way... Getting mad or PO'd Certainly will not help matters ... will just make it worse I would think... Love her is the best... My mother was a very bad diabetic as well.' Ronke Ogunmuyiwa Vonnie Dunn was just telling you what the post said. Vonnie Dunn Ronke Ogunmuyiwa I understand ... I was sharing my feeling trying to figure this thing out... lol Judy Hardy How could she get away with this for 14 years if truly diagnosed diabetic? Prayers. Jen Wasylkowski I have showed BIG signs of being diabetic type 2 since I was probably about 20 and I just got officially medicated 2 years ago at 30 and only because my doctor said "you're killing every organ you have because you're feeding your body the poison it craves." That day I took my billions of pills, took hours of nutrition classes, moved more ate differently and now I'm good to go but if I kept going I would have just killed and hardened the only body I have... for sugar. It's most definitely possible to be a diabetic for over a decade unmediated. Unhealthy but possible. Anthony Robertson Lisa, tell her what could happen if she doesn't stop eating that 💩. And she could have a stroke like my wife Suzanne did in 2012. Her blood sugar was 420 i get mad at her when she eats her junk food. I pray🙏 she will come to her sences Cheryl Willen No one is going to do something because they are nagged. I suggest you cook healthy food and have tons of healthy snacks. I would also check local hospitals,doctors and health departments that offer healthy eating with diabetes classes. Take her to a nutritionist that will show her how to work her foods into a good eating plan. She might b e one of those people that need to work lots of untraditional foods into her carb count. Just be mindful she is grown and you have to respect her decision. Emory Sandberg You could leave very graphic pictures of limb missing and other diabetic problems from unchecked glucose levels Rosa Gonzalez She needs lots of health help stress to the Dr. How important it is for her to see her rightaway. Ruby Ochoniya Aduku When I think of my children I have live right. Something needs to be done as quickly as possible. Louisa Sun It can be done talking to her doctor getting her to check her blood sugars my kids set me down and talk to me about what I was doing to myself I would be miss by all my kids and grandkids and the doctor yell at me I talk to a counselor just don't tell her she has to do talk to her like your mother not a kid it dose help iknow Kaashefah Savahl Davids This really saddens me. My husband is a noncompliant diabetic and also has this I don't care attitude. Even meeting a diabetic with severe feet problems at my parkrun on Saturday did he try to change his ways. Still praying for change though🙏all the best to you💛 Mayen Madubuko Are you sure she is diabetic ? For fourteen years without checking her BS and no meds, nothing. EJay Mes One thing is that there’s the rare cases were people seem immune to the dangers of diabetes for so long but others are very compliant with their diabetic care but suffer bad complication.

Steph Marie Johnson
It’s easier said then done. My soon to be wife is type 2 diabetic and it’s a struggle for her to change her whole eating habit and gave up soda but she can get moody with out the caffeine but still won’t drink it. There’s been times she’s cried because she didn’t think she could handle it and every time she would slip and start eating bad again I tried not to get mad and I really didn’t want anything bad to happen to her, but I learned I had to be very patient with her because it’s not easy going through this it’s a whole life change, u just have to be patient and try and work with her. If you stress her out at the same time it might not help cause she’s gonna want her feel good food and continue doing what she’s doing

Linda Lynch Johnson
If your mother is cognitively aware, she is allowed to manage her health however she deems appropriate and there is nothing that you can do about it...not even food shaming on facebook will get her to stop until she really wants help.

Luci Riddle Zuniga
Tell her you love her and need her give hug then get to her to doctors

Grace Nelson
You will need to speak to her. About the impact on you, about the future impact on you if she loses her limbs or has a stroke and how you will need to look after her. The truth may hurt her feelings, but she needs to understand that she is being selfish, mother or no mother, and that she needs to become your mother again and stop behaving like a child. This is your house, you ban her from bringing in the junk food, especially if you have kids and it is setting bad example. You need to protect yourself. If she wants to kill herself, she needs to leave. Otherwise if she wants to be around you, she needs to keep up to your boundaries, which are after all in her best interest. Sometimes where love fails, harsh truth works. And sometimes it doesn't, so the risk is she will leave, but if she does not get your feelings, you don't want her around to keep hurting and stressing you. Just because she is your mother, doesn't mean you have to put up with her crap. Respect is a two way street.

Beverley Thompson
yes it is hard i get pissed of with some family , that will give mum chocolates and they know she is a diabetic and should not touch them sadly the choice is hers.

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