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How long did it take you from diagnosis to get your diabetes under control?

How long did it take you from diagnosis to get your diabetes under control? - Jerica Bennett.


Sean Hayes
Still working on it . Medication helps . Diet is crucial . And everyone is different and has different needs. There is no one right way of eating.

Jerica Bennett
I dropped all soda and sugary things the day I found out. it's been 2 weeks and so far I can't get it to a normal range on purpose. it's 250-350 regularly.

Kevin Jones
Are you Type 1 or 2? Have your C-Peptide test done. It will tell you how much insulin you are producing.

Jerica Bennett
Kevin Jones I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and haven’t seen a doctor since, my first follow up is tomorrow.

Kevin Jones
Jerica Bennett good luck. Make sure you get that test done. Too much misdiagnosis out there.

Jerica Bennett
I'm more-so wondering people time lines because I'm stressing out about not having it under control and how long it should reasonably take

Mike Scarlett

Julie Rose Osmundsen
it feels like every thing you eat or drink is not good for me

Kim Derrick
Still working on it 7 months later... A1C from 10 to 6. Sometimes I struggle more than others. Today my BS 244 two hours after my meal. It was a new meal for me and I thought I was doing well but it went from 105 to 224. Lesson learned to not eat that again.

Jerica Bennett
I adjusted my diet the day after I was diagnosed and started with eggs & ham for breakfast, salads for lunch (with protein like chicken and boiled eggs) and I've been trying out different ideas for dinner. Everything I've learned so far has been from my friends that have it and the internet. I'm tracking carbs and calories with the app called OneDrop but I don't have to lose weight which I'm thankful for.

Dyna Dave Johnson
I spent 6 months fighting it doing the nothing white crap. Then my Family Dr. suggested I go sit down with a good nutritionist and get educated. I did when I came out of that class I decided to attack my diagnosis like a computer problem (I write software for a living) Now 8+ months after the initial diagnosis My A1C is 6.2 down from 7.8. I was on 32 pills a day and a shot, Now I take no meds (with Dr's approval) and doing much better

Dyna Dave Johnson
If your at all interested in reading about my process and on going addressing of the issues you can read the not on my other page

Jerica Bennett
I am supposed to see a nutritionist but I haven't gotten that sorted out yet with my insurance.

Regan Griezel
It all depends on how far the damage was done to the pancreas. Some would do it a lot quicker than others.

Nikeasha Gibbons
3 months. I was dx Feb 28th with a 305 BC and A1c of 10.0. I had my A1c done earlier this month and it is 4.4.

Vikki Ashton
with me straight away ,i Had a test done at a hospital thing is get you drink sugar.

Jennifer Parr
I had my daily numbers lowered to normal and stabilized within 2-3 weeks, but I made drastic changes to my eating habits. Was diagnosed in January with A1C of 10.7 and in April for my 3 month follow up I had it down to 5.1. Was on metformin 500 mg once a day for those three months and now no meds.

Lane Cook
I am fortunate. As soon as I was diagnosed I changed the way I eat and started exercising. Took me about 2 weeks to get under control. Started at 422 and now my highs are around 110. Usually keep it under 100.

Shane Churton
I was originally diagnosed with t2 after lossing 23kg in a week But a week after saw my first educator who maid dr test antibodies. Diagnosed the as t1. With bs at 23 and a1c at 6.9 after 4 weeks bs was 5 to 6.5 and a1c 5.8 so all good now and numbers have stayed the same for the last 18 months.

Karla Ortega Molina
I’ve been a diabetic for 16 years and to this day, I have good and bad months. And if anyone ever tells you that it’s easy or it’s not that hard to keep your diabetes under control is lying. But.... we keep up the good fight!

Jim Teeters
I'm just now getting it under control a year and a half latter. It took me a while to get past the denial, depression, anxiety. I'm also really bad with self discipline.

Caitlin Dufresne
I neglected my mine for 9 years but recently took it seriously after the doctor saying I have the beginnings of neuropathy but that was November so 6 months to get my A1c from 10.4 to 6.4

Praimraj Boodram
One week.Take the bull by the horn and take control.Remember that diet and exercise is 90% of the solution.Best of luck.

Jerica Bennett
My a1c is 13 and I drastically changed my diet and no change so I don’t think that’s always the case.

Caitlin Dufresne
My A1c has been over 15 I don’t know what my highest is cause it would not register on their monitor 😖my sugars were as high as 600 ( this was 11 years ago ).

Jerry Pirtle
Two months. I was diagnosed April 3. Diet and exercise. I go in two weeks for my first A1C check but my blood sugar was 267 and my overall average is now 103.

Charlotte Rice Morris
Almost a year. I had NO direction from the medical profession. Except giving me some metformin and told to lose weight. So I was just floating out there for a while, then I got myself together and did my own research. By third 3 month A1C I was down 14.7 to to 7.5. Been stuck at 6.0 for a while.

Lethi Houston
Never... 10 years and it's still zinging me.

Gerald Ioime
Sameeee currently getting eye injections because of diabetic retinopathy. have diabetic nerve pain. I am only 26, about to have my second child.. finally just starting to get it under control (somewhat). Haven’t had a blood sugar over 200 in 7 months. I’m right there with you, all we can do is the right thing and take it day by day

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