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Diabetes and heart disease Many complications

Lost a sweet sweet friend this morning. Diabetes and heart disease. Many complications. I did tell her about this group but I guess she wasn't interested. She did what her doctors told her to do and it killed her. She was 58 yrs old. My heart is heavy and I am sad.


Gayle Holmes Bright
I had a friend die recently because her brain was effected by diabetes. The last year of her life she had to cared for by her daughter. It was a some form of early demtia caused by unstable blood sugar levels. She was only 50.

Robin Scobee Cross
I'm so sorry. These things are just so sad.

Gayle Holmes Bright
She drive me crazy with the milk shakes , candy bars and insulin.

Beth Sikkema
My cousin just had an above the knee amputation due to vascular disease complicated by dietary and medication non compliance. Type 2 DM. Possibly totally reversably.

Pirjo Walden
So sorry for the loss of your friend

Robin Stokes
I'm so very sorry😥 Makes me sad so many are lost that do everything their Dr tells them. My brother is one of them. Little by little taking him. Prayers for you and her family.

Jeni Gibbins
A sad loss indeed. I have friends also who still find it impossible to go against doctors and continue to deteriorate on high carbs/high meds regimes. Nearly killed me too.

Leah Solliday
So heartbreaking when we know how to help, but they unquestionably trust what they're told by some in the medical community.

Dianne Davies
We have a friend who is a lovely chap and will not listen to our advice over the Doctor's. He now has Charcot's Foot and has had to retire from his job early. I do hope he won't lose the foot but when people just won't listen it's tragic.

Jim Lloyd
This scares the hell out of me as I continue to struggle

Melissa Dawn Bell
Diabetes is rough I'm trying to follow Dr's orders and eat right. I need to live, I want to live

Robin Scobee Cross
Then you might read here and not necessarily follow your doctors advice Melissa! It killed my friend. ( this is my cousin).

Twila Longenberger
Like “Butter Bob” says......which sacrifice do you want to make? Do you want to give up your eyes? Your legs? Feeling in your hands/feet? Or give up certain foods that you think you can’t live without but in reality you can?! We all make sacrifices so choose which ones you will make!

Karen Hodge
I am sorry for your loss, I lost my sister from diabetes. She didn't want to try anything from what her doctor told her to do, she was 58.

Marsha Todd Budrow
So sorry for her, and for you, losing a dear friend. May she rest in peace. We can only do so much to help each other, bottom line is each of us have to want to get better. God bless.

Veronica VanSlambrouck
I have a sister who chooses not to even listen to the benefits. Her A1C is 12...all I can do is prepare myself for the worst and hope/pray for the best.

Susan Kirkpatrick Kundert
My son, as well. I don't know how to help him. He rejects everything I suggest. Won't stop me from suggesting, though. Maybe something will penetrate his thick skull before it is too late.

Veronica VanSlambrouck
Keep trying...we truly are in charge of our own and I choose health.

Yvonne Bergeron
so sorry for your loss .im diabetic dont have any meds.My mother died at 65 years old,diabetic,and angina due to diabetic

Karen Hodge
That's all you can do, if you are doing this her by example... best wishes.

Karen Hodge
I am diabetic, but this woe is keeping me off mess, I fail a lot... but it's working for me.

Donna F Kerns
I am diabetic,I also did what the Dr.s told me and got worse everytime.I'm so sorry uou list a good friend.

Teressa Beebe
I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my mom and step mom to diabetes that lead to heart disease. Both in their 50's. So very sad. It makes me sad and angry all at the same time. I was diagnosed in september last year with type 2 and I promised my children I would not go out that way. That I would be around for their weddings and to see their babies be born. I am so thankful to be blessed with the knowledge of this way of eating and lifestyle. Saying a prayer for peace and comfort for you.

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