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Anyone who got cured of diabetes type 2 and how?

Do you members know of anyone who got cured of diabetes type 2 and how? Thanks? - Rey Jay Santos.


Dana Paris Simpson
There is no cure. You can only control it. So it's with you for life.

Awadhesh Bhagwat Sharma
A very pessimistic reply. This is the myth perpetuated by Doctors. Who want life long patients and hence their money And the Pharma co. The Pathologies etc. You can exit it by correcting your lifestyle. Which wr ourselves had brought to this diseases door. Strict discipline in eating exorcising sleeping has to be followed. Ues the damages caused before diagnosis Will take time to revert and recover

Dana Paris Simpson
No. You are wrong. What you are talking about is control not cure.

Awadhesh Bhagwat Sharma
Dana Paris Simpson No Cure. As soon as you bring it under control. And can live Without Medicines is the first stage of Cure. The other part is restoration of any parts of the body which had been affected. Say if a Lizards tail is cut og It will grow a new tail But it will take time. So thr damage you willfully caused by wrong habits or food ot not digesting food by srdrntrru habits So a depreciation occurred. Restoration will take place given faith time and perseverance. Ist is faith.

Vijay Gupta
You can exercise...good food. or u can say by good lifestyle. but no cure is there. And u talking..about damages..they are complications of diabetes..U can prevent keeping good lifestyle.

Awadhesh Bhagwat Sharma
Vijay Gupta Dont agree. It is cured once ypu are of meds and Hb1A. Remains about 6 per every 3 mths check.
Once again whatever negatives the body /part underwent Prior to diagnosis. Will also normalise Over time Discipline exercise right food proper sleep etc

Vijay Gupta
What you are talking about control. You can't eat sweet or other high carbo diet.what nondiabetic can eat.

Related Post: My endocrinologist has ordered a blood glucose test, fasting (2 hours) and I was told that I had to eat a High Carb Diet for 3 days before the test.

Vijay Gupta
So how u can is cured. you can kept it in a normal range. by healthy life style.

Awadhesh Bhagwat Sharma
Vijay Gupta Dear friend our previous free lifestyle -led us into this. Would you prefer that life again? Let us say a petson drinks/ovetdrinks And over time Damages his Liver. After proper care and cure his liver now functions morally But the scar or damaged tissue remain. They wont vanish. Now you will say that he is not cured because he cannot drink again like a normal person!!! Off course he cant drink - because he has damaged a part of his liver. I hope you get my view.

Sita Upasani
I read that eating 5 or 6 leaves of gynura procumbense has completely healed a 65 year old lady of diabetes.

Sarah Hawkins
Sick and tired of people saying "cured" or "reversed". You asking a question is understandable but there isnt one. At 5he end of the day even if you are on meds doesnt mean you can eat whatever you want, not work out or check your blood sugar. I look at it this way. I embrace it. Sure it's hard but there is only so much I can do to control it. We are warriors battling a internal war on 5he inside and then also trying to educate people about it too. When someone claims cure or reverse what they mean is they controlled diabetes to be off meds or insulin. Use this not as a death sentence or a poor me, use it as a stepping stone to be even more of a badass. Educate others and keep pushing for things that not just type 2s but also type 1s need too, as well as education about the differences, nutrition and medical needs for both. Also for people that are on dialysis and/or waiting for transplants. It takes time.

Wendy Mclennan
I am diabetes type 1 Our pancreas is well and truly gone. I wish i was type 2 so i could have some hope

Hafiz Muhammad Ghufran
Try to exercise and control on food.

Diane Watson
Campbell No but I know someone who was cured of type 1. He got a new pancreas. That was almost 20 years ago. I go to church with him.

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