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Average blood sugar 137, A1c 6.4 and not insulin resistant

Finally got some numbers to work with. Average blood sugar 137, A1c 6.4 and not insulin resistant. Dr. Said stick with you guys and he’ll check my #’s in 4 weeks. This is the 2nd time in 3 years that God has given me direction toward natural healing. 2 serious conditions that would have put me on meds can be controlled by controlling my diet and exercise. I have faith that we are meant to enjoy what has been provided through nature. I’m very thankful this evening.


Shelly Ortiz
Can one be t2 and not insulin resistant? I thought it was an affect of being diabetic.

Mary Alexander Cravens
As explained to me: based on 3 tests he determined my pancreas is erratic in production of insulin but (some test showed) my cells still receive the insulin. My glucose has been too high and too low. He said Keto would teach (re-set) my pancreas what it will be processing. He expects to see numbers in the normal range from here on out by adapting the Keto woe. He also stated 3 Dr.’s would have 3 opinions: 1 would say not to worry until my A1c hit 7.2 (diabetic), 1 would say do what you’re doing and take this pill and, 1 would say lifestyle change.
When I asked about insulin resistance in Type2, he said recent studies have shown that insulin resistance could be reversed through diet and exercise.
Disclaimer: this Dr. is a Chiropractor with advanced training in nutrition and deficiencies. He diagnosed my Thyroid and treats me successfully with diet change. He is wholly Holistic. He doesn’t sell anything but natural pain management and some supplements.

Mary Alexander Cravens
Shelly Ortiz you’re welcome. I love the way he educates me and empowers me to take control. 😊

April R Miller
I believe it's typically the reverse - being insulin resistant can make you diabetic. But it was definitely interesting to see Mary's explanation of an alternate cause. Much more like T1. Which low carb eating helps with, too. Can't lose.

Shelly Ortiz
April R Miller it’s a little confusing. Still need to wrap my brain around this.

Mary Alexander Cravens
Shelly confusing to me too. The easiest way for me to understand is: my pancreas is not functioning properly. My cells are functioning properly. If I get my pancreas functioning properly it has had no adverse affect on the rest of my body. But still confusing. 😊

Shelly Ortiz
Mary Alexander Cravens that makes sense. Layman terms for me works best!

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