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When I was diagnosed with diabetes in August, at the same time I was also diagnosed with copd and my lung ct showed beginning stages of emphysema

When I was diagnosed with diabetes in August, at the same time I was also diagnosed with copd and my lung ct showed beginning stages of emphysema. Working with my doctor we prioritized getting my blood sugar under control which I have been successful at my A1c went from a 7.2 to 5.7. So now I’m working on quitting smoking. My question for any who has gone through a similar situation how did you quit without wanting to constantly eat? I’m using the patch to control the withdrawal symptoms, but I’m finding I always want something to chew on to control the cravings. Any advice? All my doctor has to say on the subject is one day at a time. Which is not very helpful.


Dhiru Lavingia
use e cigarette. I am in process of quiting with patch.

Jody Ridenour McQuiston
I've been smoking an ecig for 3 1/2 years. I haven't had tobacco since day 1 and haven't missed it. I've been smoking 0% nicotine for over a year I could quit that if I wanted to.

Tammy Thompson
They have found that E-cigs have many other health problems. Check with your doc, mine said to stay away from them

John Fecteau
Mine did too she told me the water vapor would cause me more problems than it would solve.

Angie Crouse
I'm going through the same thing. I can't use the e cig because it gives me major headaches. I use cinnamon toothpicks, you can buy them online or make your own. Unsalted sunflower seeds work also or the end of a bic ink pen.

Kare Wangari Njuguna
this is a funny story. i just quit. i just woke up and quit. i quit weed and alcohol too. so i am so sorry about what you are going through. just find your inner strength. maybe you can quit. for me my strength was my kid.

Ed Ball
I found the problem with nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, is they all use nicotine to wean you off nicotine. For some it works, but I had success with TBX-FREE which is nicotine free and FDA registered for maximum safety and effectiveness. You can read the reviews on Amazon, where they're actually cheaper. I don't recall overeating when I was using them almost a year ago.

Pam McQueen
Did these make u nauseated?

Ed Ball Pam McQueen
Not at all, they dissolve on your tongue, and leaves a sensation that you just had a cigarette. No side effects for me.

Alison Jones
I also have emphysema so I no how you feel I am finding it very difficult to stop smoking are you on inhalers

John Fecteau
Yeah Symbacort and Spereva

Alaina Jacobson
White knuckle it for three days then the cravings will start to lesson

Alaina Jacobson
It’s so hard but you can do it

John Fecteau
I’m trying I’m just scared of my bs numbers I’ve been sucking on sugar free altoids and sunflower seeds all day!

Alaina Jacobson
That’s how I quit but my husband used the gum

Alaina Jacobson
Food is harder than cigarettes

Karen Vincent
14 yrs cold turkey. Your body will definitely tell you. Wait till you see how better you feel and breathe.

amie Gallion
I quit 8 years ago, cold turkey. Cinnamon sticks, like the ones in the spice section, worked great for the oral fixation and hand to mouth habit. Also, remember a craving only lasts a few minutes, just take it one minute at a time.

Priscilla Alexis
Etheridge When I quit over 10 yrs ago I used gum & sunflower seeds

Maureen Phayre Harris
Hi John I quit 15 years ago cold turkey. I cut up straws about 2 inches and held them like a cigarette. Try drinking more water. Good luck.

Eva O'Malley
Quitting Smoking needs a multi-modal approach to be successful. Readiness, Support, Medical Management, and Behavioral interventions are necessary to be successful. Doing only one or two most likely will have you fall short of your goal. It’s a powerful habit, by way of all of those tenants.
Start with positive affirmations like “If I’m going to do all this hard work, I am never going to give my precious life back to that monkey ever again”
2. Ask for your family support. This makes it very real for you and your loved ones.
3.Get your doctors help with maybe some medication or game plan to help you ween off of the nicotine. Also something to lessen the desire. This is a step a lot of people do not acknowledge.
3. Behavioral changes. Clean every environment that you’ve smoked in. Do not hang out with smokers, until your over it. Eliminate the connections between smoking and your daily routine. Only smoke in one place until you quit.
4. Mark the occasion with something big! A vacation, a newer car or anything that puts a stamp on the event.
I quit 2X before I knew this all and it also might help to screen for ADHD. ADHD is a “smoking gun” and cigarettes can be a self medication.
You’re going to feel amazing once you do. Getting your sugar under control is an awesome step forward. Congratulations to you!!

Maureen Phayre Harris
Multi model approach? I quit 15 yrs ago. Don't know the date. Did it on my own. Nothing other then sucking on straws and my mind kept me from lighting up, oh and I didn't want to pay $4 for a pack.

Eva O'Malley
Terrific! It’s always an significant accomplishment to quit. Some people have a strong enough desire to quit and it isn’t to difficult. Many struggle with it for different reasons. Applying many different modalities increases the chance of only having to go through it once.

Gary Richards
My mom after 25+ years and up to 5 packs a day- quit for over 20 years. She went through numerous packs of pencils a day to hold like her cig and chew on as well. We would laugh that she had a pencil addiction but slowly she went through less pencils lol. She would tell you that even after all those years she sometimes still wanted one with her morning coffee and when eating is a powerful addiction to overcome and yes it is one day at a time. She used stress relaxation techniques among other things like replacing the physical object as well. Good luck.

Robert John Baker
yes I have stopped smoking 1 year ago and still grave for one and hunger all the time they say it never goes just will power

Maureen Phayre Harris
As time goes on the cravings get farther apart. I no longer have cravings. I dream where I start smoking then get pissed at myself. Wake up and say thank God it was just a dream. Lol

Eva O'Malley
I don’t desire it anymore. That was a good indication I was off it for good. The two times I went back I thought of having one everyday.

Billie McCormick
I quit cold turkey. Find something to do with ur hands and keep ur mind busy. Thats the best advice I can give. That's where my problems were. My hands and keeping my mind off cigs. Good luck and I'll b praying for ya.

Mehmet Güven
I started smoking at 17, quit at 27 cold turkey.
That was 40 years ago.
I can see the benefit now as health of some people of my age has been deteriorating badly (like COPD) and some already passed away due to smoking related illnesses.
I remember that I had no difficulty quitting, I just said I have to get rid of this.
(Wife, though, at 60+ age, still smokes and no chance she will attempt to quit..)

Eric Chaves
Don't have any advice, but I'm rooting for you. I know it's tough. I worked with a guy who said it was easier for him to quit heroin than it was for him to quit cigs. Hang in there. Hope you get through it.

Angelita M Burgess
I would snack on can make a ranch dip with sour creme and hidden valley ranch packets...

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