This page was made for everyone with diabetes to get help with questions they feel are struggling to find answers to themselfs. Type one or type two you still have diabetes it dosent give anyone the right to be abusive towards anyone!

My story: I was diagnosed diabetic about 7 yrs ago. Hubs had been diabetic since 1986.

My story: I was diagnosed diabetic about 7 yrs ago. Hubs had been diabetic since 1986. He has had 13 lazer surgeries for diabetic retinopathy and no longer drives due to low vision and vascular dementia. I pretty much ignored diabetes and ate whatever I wanted thinking the meds would keep me in control enough to eat what I wanted. I’d fuss at hubs for eating bad things while I did my own thing. Finally I faced reality on February 19th and jumped in with both feet into the Keto WOE. We both are on it and doing great. No hunger, no cravings, I’ve lost 15 lbs so far. Feet and ankles are no longer swollen- I’m peeing all the time. I can now bend over and put on my shoes and socks without TOO MUCH huffing and puffing. My rings are falling off, and my WRISTS are slimmer- bracelets are looser and MY SLEEVES won’t stay up! My fat wrists aren’t there to hold up my sleeves! Whoever heard of that?! Ridiculous, funny and makes me very happy! We’re committed. Hubs only has 6 lbs to loose. He’s 5’2” and 136- heading for 130. He has a big belly and skinny legs. Pants were too tight and they’re looser now. I don’t know how much I have to go. I’m 204 now and am 5’4”. I’m thinking 150. I look great at 170 because I have a large frame. But we’ll see. My goal is to get my A1C to 5.7 or below. It was 8 2 months ago because I stopped my meds for a month due to a move and hubby being hospitalized and it went too low because I forgot to eat. Previous A1C was 6.4. Hubs was 8.3 2 months ago. So excited to see what it will be! My docs gonna be shocked! Oh- energy level is great. No naps and sleeping like a baby! BS are 100 or below most of the time.


Shari Bradley
Congratulations on getting started! So encouraging to see the little differences. For me it was being able to bend over to reach something in the front seat of the car. Had always needed Hubby to do that for me! Best wishes as you continue this WOE (way of eating)!

Mary Ruth Kozma
What a FANTASTIC turnaround! Isn't it wonderful? AND the best news is... the longer you stay on course, the HEALTHIER you will become!

Nicole Burchell
Your post is very inspiring for me. Im type 2 and i try to eat right bit im still overeating and sneaking in carbs here and there. Ive struggling for months to get this right. Im so glad you guys are doing what you need to to get healthy. Congrats hun 😊

Diane Aaron
Do y'all have meal plans posted... ? Is it expensive to buy the food needed...? Congratulations to all of you that have succeeded...Thanks for any input...

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