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My fbs levels are so high, in the mid/high 300's. On 2 insulins nit helping My breakfast.

My fbs levels are so high, in the mid/high 300's. On 2 insulins nit helping
My breakfast. ....
4 eggs
2 green onions sliced
3 sliced thin chicken luncheon meat.
Handful shredded cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp butter
Scrambled together.
Is this a good low carb breakfast? ??????


Tania Hall-Hodges
That is a very large breakfast. I normally eat 2 eggs with veggies and 1 ounce of ham. Size of meals seem to matter for me.

Barbara Caisley Portion
control definitely effects me as well. Maybe try using only two eggs and see if that makes a difference?

Caitlin Dufresne
I would replace butter with olive oil spray replace the packaged meat with low salt turkey meat fresh cut have 2 eggs low fat cheese and 1 piece of toast ( whole wheat) the green onions are good that’s what I have in the morning

Denice McMurtrey Rupp
Thank you ladies. I just dont know how to do this. I didn't eat any carbs because my fbs was 410. I am afraid to eat carbs now

Natalie J. Jones
I understand and struggle with this too...but make it a point to eat vegetables for my carb count. Think of things like—broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers...that way you still get some carbs, our bodies need those, but not tons of them.

Tania Hall-Hodges
I eat pretty low carb but eat lots of veggies, 1 banana a day and 20 pistachios before bed. Veggies help so much because they help keep you full and raw gives crunch.

Barbara Caisley
I can't eat carbs (any breads, flour, rice, pasta ect) as my bs spikes when I eat any of those so I don't bother with them now. Lots of vege and protein seems to work well for me.

Ronda Harris
Eating foods high in fiber will help as well. I normally eat egg substitute omelet with mushrooms an swiss cheese then 1 slice of avacado wheat toast an a small glass of skim milk. Some times i skip the milk an have diet cranberry juice. Portion control has been hard for me, but im doing better.

Denice McMurtrey Rupp
I see the specialist thursdsy, 9 am. I hope we can get my bs down. It's scaring me

Stephen Winter
Try going vegan. Eat to live book

Stephen Winter
I saw some studies that high fat clogs up the system causing higher levels of blood sugar

Loren Renee
Excess protein is easily converted to sugars. Each slice of meat is usually an ounce. It’s just too many calories. It’s about 700 cal just what you list. Ie not including coffee or beverage. I also like Eat to Live but I reduce the carbs and add SMALL, maybe 4 oz of meat/fish protein few times a week. Low carb can be veg based. Way too much here. To knock sugar down a bit try a 30 min walk. It gives immediate results burning off lots of excess.

Loren Renee
I would also suggest some greens. You can add some cucumbers 🥒 for probably fewer carbs than is in the cheese and it will give your body the vitamins it needs to fuel you all day.

Debbie Cantor-Harbatkin I'd do grilled chicken instead of the lunch meats. They usually roast them with spices that will include carbs &/or sugar. I buy a pound of the thick cut boneless chicken breast (a lot cheaper per pound than the cold cut version) and grill up a couple of breasts 2-3 times a week. Then slice, dice, chop as needed, so I can add whatever the recipe calls for in spices. Fresh grated garlic is great for your blood so I always rub the chicken with it for flavor.

Also cut back to two whole eggs and supplement with egg whites if needed. Some people will jump from the carbs in onions too. Might be a sensitivity. Try peppers and spinach.

Bottom line is you're going to have to eliminate all then add one at a time back into your diet to see what triggers you.
Joanne Dunford
Try: 2 eggs, a half of green onion, 1 slice of ham or chicken, 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese, teaspoon of butter. I would make an omelette of it and have a fruit on the side. You can have more vegetables if you and yellow pepper, mushrooms, spinach. You are getting too many calories in the 4 eggs and handful of shredded cheese.

Helen Irving
I love that you’re trying low carb. I think it’s a great way to get blood sugar levels balanced. Maybe just watch portions a bit. Please reach out if I can help! I hope you got the link to my website.

Michelle Lacey
Is your insulins fast acting And long acting? Because if they are toy could talk to your doctor about carb counting for insulin. Basically my ratio is 1:10 which means for every 10 grams of carbohydrate I need to take 1unit of insulin rapid/fast acting. So if my meal was say 30g of carbs I'd need 3 units off insulin for the carbs and also a correction dose my correction dose is 1 unit to drop blood sugars 3 points. This is why I'm asking you to ask your doctor because I'm in the UK so our BS readings are in mmo/l which is different to America,

Sara Jordan
Dieticians will always tell you to eat some carbs not go completely carb free cause then your liver dumps glucose into your body. The amount of everything else is fine that's all low carb and shouldn't affect sugar levels.

Tammy Thompson
I eat about 1/2 of what you eat. What is your fasting BS Are you medicating to your sugars and carbs? Are you eating on a routine? Are you eating constant carbs.

Debbie Gordon Kolosick
We tried steel cut oats for dropped his sugar like a hot potato. He has to eat again immediately.

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