This page was made for everyone with diabetes to get help with questions they feel are struggling to find answers to themselfs. Type one or type two you still have diabetes it dosent give anyone the right to be abusive towards anyone!

I’m new to the whole diabetic thing. What are the secrets & must knows about being diabetic.

I’m new to the whole diabetic thing. I was diagnosed in August & have been in denial until this past week. What are the secrets & must knows about being diabetic.


Heather Rice
First, you need a support system. This group is a great start :)
it's OKAY to cheat, just not all the time.
Third, as my doctor said recently, COMPROMISE. If you go "crazy" on Thanksgiving or whenever, do something extra, like an extra long walk or something.
Fourth, water is your friend. Drink lots of it
and finely Fifth, we are all the same, we just eat a little different

Harry Parry
Patience & Accountability. It's numbers will also run like a wild stalion. I like around 100 reading.

Macy Sisk
Thank you all for the very kind words! My bs has ran super high the past couple of days & water & exercise has been my best friend even though I’m not a fan of either😂

Michelle Yarosz
What you need to know as a diabetic is that we all are different and respond to nutrition in different ways. Myself for example...starches do not work for me...grains, rice, root vegetables, pastas, bread are no good for me. I run better on animal proteins, greens and other veggies and water but that's me. Find what works for you. I would suggest keeping a food diary. Write down what you eat. You don't have to measure or count calories. Just keep track of what you eat and how that makes you feel physically. Before long you'll get an idea of what you need to be healthy and strong.

Niki Banger
Count your carbs and excersise. Water is your best friend. You can infuse it with lemon, berries, cucumber, etc... Play with it and see what you like.

Holly Bebko
Carbs raise blood sugar

That is number one most basic point you need to know. Try to avoid sugar,rice, potatoes, pasta, anything made from grains.
Concentrate on protein and non starchy vegetables.

Best way to know how a food will affect you is test blood sugar right before first bite then 1 hour later to see if it spiked you (greater than 20 increase) , then at 2 hours after eating to see if it’s going down. The 1 hr one is most important.

Heather Rice
Oh another thing. Avoid white food. Sugar, flour, pasta, rice

Macy Sisk
Macy Sisk See I’ve lost probably 30+ lbs in maybe a months time (so not healthy) but I’d like to keep my weight under control & it not Fluctuate back & forth. However, I would like to stay healthy. So I’m taking notes on all this advice, because I wanna be around til I’m old & grey for my families sake!

Sachin Gohel
Hi, so i found the main thing is to really focus on diet and exercise. And also, what works for one person may not work for another person. Need to go through a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you.

Have a look at some of the videos on Hoolabalu for some more information:

s - and u should be fine.

Damo Hooper
A lot of diabetics eat way too many carbs - and the ADA and some dietitians recommend too many carbs. A keto diet seems to work well for many diabetics

Helen Thornton Albir
I am also on Keto works for me, I am never hungry there are so many recepies on the internet for keto way of living. I just seems to be cooking and washing up all day.

Sarina Brown Echols
Take it one day at a time an no question is a stupid. If you do not know, ask away!!!

Jen Wasylkowski
I like to wiggle my toes and my fingers before I get out of bed to avoid that pins and needles feeling.

Robert Grant
If you enjoy reading THINK LIKE A PANCREAS Gary Schreiber, ms,cde.
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE

Heather Nelson
Most Drs don't tell you that you have to drink lots of water. I learned that on my own, was already drinking the average amount but found out that you have to drink extra to protect your kidneys. I drink 188 oz of water a day.
Exercise is our best friend, I walk 3 to 5 miles a day.
Different foods affect people differently, the only way to know if something is okay to eat, eat a normal portion and take your BS 2 hours after eating, that will tell you how YOUR body reacts to certain foods.
For me, my body can not properly metabolize bread at all, so I avoid all breads and pasta, but other people can and don't seem to be affected by it.
Also, although the general guideline is up to 45 carbs per meal and 15 per snack - I do not even eat 45 carbs a day, it averages around 30 per day.
I've been diabetic since the end of 2014, I've been following "Eating Right For Your Blood Type For Diabetes" and I am down more than 60 lbs.
Started on 2000 MG of one medication, switched to 500 MG + 5 MG of another and now I'm only on 300 MG of one medication and my blood sugar has not gone over 160 after eating in over a month. I consider anything under 180 after eating a meal a win. 😁

John Nolan
That's a lot of damn water. Way over a gallon a day. Isn't that a struggle ?

Heather Nelson
it is now that I'm taking benefiber. there's no room for snacks between meals now.

Meemasue Moch
Eat clean and stay lean, drink lots of water and keep the carbs low....Veggies, salads and now sweets......😉

John Nolan
Don't worry, as soon as you think you have it all figured out...It will change :) I have had it (2) for 30 years and just lost control of it again !

Kris Branch
Basically I was told stay away from pasta, bread, and white potatoes, eat 60g a protein a day and walk

amela Myers
A must know is by being in denial, and not taking excellent care of yourself, can cause you to lose your eyesight, a foot or leg, and other serious conditions. Wouldn't hurt to start out with an Atkins diet to get used to meals without a lot of carbs and learn how to manage.

Robert Grant
Just a little late for me on the aging part .

Yola Kelln
I'm 52 and never too late !!💪😁
Did you see the 80 year old body builder Ernestine ?? 😂😂

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