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I’m a 43 year old male and got diagnosed with T1 diabetes 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for accepting me to this support group. I’m a 43 year old male and got diagnosed with T1 diabetes 2 weeks ago. I was amazed how quickly the symptoms came to me. Peeing on the hour every hour throughout the night, something I’ve never done before. Then my eyesight went from fantastic to terrible within days. I’m using slow release insulin and checking my blood sugars up to 6 times a day. I’m constantly feeling tired with no energy, and just not as sharp minded as I used to be. My blood sugars remain in the 20’s and 30’s since diagnosed. I’m starting to panic as they dont seem to be reducing. If anything, blood sugars in my 30’s seem to be more and more. I’m really watching my diet and have all but cut out all sugar in my diet. Has anyone any advise they could give me. It’d me much appreciated. Starting to freak out a little...


Ph Islam
You can take multivitamin medications

Pammie Calf
Are you careful of the amount of carbs you eat, they raise your blood sugar, i was diagnosed 5 months ago and my blood sugar is still raised some days, also stress affects my levels.

Aaron McVeigh
Thanks. I’m really trying to watch my carbs and think I’m doing well, but obviously not. I have been highly stressed over the past few days so maybe that has added to high levels. Were you freaked out for a while after diagnosis?

Pammie Calf
I certainly was, i sat in the doctors and cried, then came being rushed to hospital, came out a few days later and had to go to another hospital to see the diabetic nurse and dietician, i really couldn't take it all in, but I'm slowly getting there and so will you, I remember some of my readings were in the mid 20's for a few weeks but they will settle down x

Aaron McVeigh
Pammie Calf thank you for your reply. That has really helped me settle a little. Have a good evening 👍 x

Pammie Calf
You're welcome Aaron McVeigh, have a good evening too x

Benaa Mwas Mwangi
Be strong...just follow good exercise alittle..avoid high carbs.....with time it will stabalize

Kaylee Joyce Cappella
Kind of surprised being a type 1 they didn't put you on short acting insulin also for use with meals.

Aaron McVeigh
I have a hospital appointment Tuesday... I’ll ask why. Thanks

Kaylee Joyce Cappella
Good idea a type 2 understandable but type 1 definitely question.

Kim Silva
Why are your numbers so low?

Aaron McVeigh
My numbers are too high. I see other readings here so maybe there’s a different unit type being used. My blood sugar should be around 5-6

Kim Silva
Ok. I read that wrong. I was seeing 30s. Sorry. I hope you figure this out.

Hazel Willingham
Hi Aaron your story is very similar to mIne had a virus that knocked me of my feet for 4 days felt quit I’ll. then with in about 3 later had a dreadful thirst going to the toilet a lot couldn’t keep my eyes open. Went to the doctors had a blood reading of 36 gave me tablets to begin with but didn’t help sent me to hospital and they they put me on insulin quick acting with meals and slow release at night. I had blurred vision as well Which is scary but when your levels come down your eyes will get better. I is not easy but things will get better stay strong x

Patricia Wallace
Drink more water. Exercise. Cut way down on carbs. You can do it! It’s a pain, but doable.

Travis Bos
I’m in the same boat. Diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Anyone know if the vision comes back?

Carol Campbell Wyatt curious too

Misty Sue Haydt
Me 3! I was diagnosed on the 15th with type 2, I was drinking up to 200 oz of anything wet (yes you read that correct lol) peed every 1/2 hour, eye sight went, slept 16 hours a day, and it goes on. Oh but I lost 60 lbs in a month that was the only difference.

Travis Bos
I’ve read it comes back in a few weeks but worried. I went from 20/20 to blind as a bat overnight 5 days after starting on insulin.

Christine Savannah
McKnight My eyesight was very blurry....month later almost back to normal.

Aaron McVeigh
This is something that’s worrying me the most too!

Pammie Calf
I couldn't see a thing, been on the insulin (novamix 30) which is 2 types of insulin, a fast acting that lasts 4 hours and a slow acting, my eyesight is back to normal. Also if the diabetic nurse or doctor doesn't think the insulin you're on is suitable for you they will change it.

Ed Ball
View sugar as a toxin that it is! Eliminate it, get rid of it, don't even think about it. 100% Organic Stevia is your new friend for the sweet tooth. With many health benefits as well. It comes with what they call a smidgeon = 1/32 tsp, I use about half of that, and it's still too sweet sometimes. I get mine on Amazon. Over 700 servings in 1 ounce. You can use it to bake with 1 level tsp = 1 cup of sugar. Stress will definitely raise your levels also. I use 7 minutes of Magic Qi Gong exercises to relax as needed.

Heather Happoldt
Don’t know what kind of insurance you have but talk to your doctor about setting up a health and wellness plan for you.I have Kaiser Permanente as my insurance and my doctor did that for me and did referrals out to diabetic cooking classes for me.The main thing is cut out carbs,sugars and exercise.

Meemasue Moch
Eat clean and lean......lots of water....😉

Maahi Awan
Remember one most important thing that bringing sugar levels down is time taking requires patience determination and consistency ... tension and getting freaked will increase it .. yours is too high and it will take more time .. you cant expect it to be normal in 2 weeks .. drink more water ..go for walk regularly .. remain active and social .. avoid sugar consisting items .. colas .. bakery items .. wheat and high sugary fruits like mango dates grapes etc

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