This page was made for everyone with diabetes to get help with questions they feel are struggling to find answers to themselfs. Type one or type two you still have diabetes it dosent give anyone the right to be abusive towards anyone!

Home remedies like fenugreek, Bitter gourd, Cinnamon, Neem, Turmeric, are really helpful in Diabetes.

Home remedies like fenugreek, Bitter gourd, Cinnamon,Neem, Turmeric, are really helpful in Diabetes. Any experience or opinion ?


Laurie Belanger-Touchet
I take turmeric it help with just the aches and pains from diabetes. My hands and feet. The Cinnamon I take 7000 mg a day. It’s has dropped my A1C level. It helps some people, some say it doesn’t.

Laurie Belanger-Touchet
It didn’t help at first, my dr said I wasn’t taking enough. He said I should take 7000 mg a day. It took a while just to get used to that much. But I trying just about everything.

Henry Robertson
Cinnamon contains coumarin which can damage the liver and kidneys. The EU outlaws cinnamon over certain amounts in foods.

Laurie Belanger-Touchet
I talked to my dr about that, that’s another reason I have liver and kidneys tested every 6 months. Guess either the diabetes, or the meds will damage them one day.

Laurie Belanger-Touchet
I used to only take 2000mg a day, of Cinnamon now I take 7000mg. Pam McQueen

Ed Ball
I eat bitter melon every week. It definitely helps me. Turmeric I've used as needed and get relief.

Jan Treat Joule
In what form & what brand of turmeric?

Ed Ball Jan Treat Joule
McCormick Ground Turmeric works great on arthritis.

Susan Sadeghian
Susan Sadeghian Helpful to some Diabetics but never a replacement for medical advice

Tess Bugg
Cinnamon makes me nauseous

Heather Nelson
Cinnamon and turmeric had no effects on my Diabetes. Fenugreek, I brewed the seeds as a tea, also no effect

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